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  1. /a/ sings database
  3. Send your submissions in wav or mp3 to killahspectah@live.com
  6. I never intended to mix this, really. But Jebus' lackluster mix had some anons asking for a redo.
  7. I'll mix it if you guys really want to sing this, so:
  9. 1. Sing with enthusiasm, but not too loud. Depending on your microphone, singing too loudly can cause unwanted white noise or most likely clipping.
  10. 2. Have fun, go crazy, this song warrants it.
  11. 3. Don't sing too quietly either. I want to feel your voice.
  12. 4. Send in multiple takes/sections if necessary.
  13. 5. If you want feedback, explicitly tell me so in your email.
  14. 6. I will try to use every submission, but if your take doesn't fit #1-3, I might not be able to use it.
  15. Remember, this is a fun song. Have FUN. It's even half in English so you don't need to feel so embarrassed.
  17. I, myself, won't be in Log Horizon threads to remind people, so this is all in your hands whether this succeeds or not.
  19. 7. Minimize background noise. If you need to, buy a new microphone. It'll be a nice investment.
  20. 8. That's it really.
  23. Deadline is NOVEMBER 15TH. That should give you a lot of time.
  24. Don't expect the mix until December, however.
  26. Email me at the above address if you have any questions.
  27. Also toss me an email if you to master the final product.
  29. If you can make a really good pseudo-instrumental, toss me an email also.