\ Spry's business card - /g/pasta 2.4
From TechEmporium, 4 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. <dell> he showed his dad horseporn
  2. <dell> and he said "alright"
  3. <TechEmporium> Good god he's instantly on the list for being a brony
  4. <Spry> seriously what the fuck
  5. <Spry> >me
  6. <Spry> >immature
  7. <Spry> I spout some bullshit on IRC sometimes when I'm bored
  8. <Spry> I don't fucking steal my parents weed and show them horseporn
  9. <Spry> jesus what the fuckl
  10. <Salty> Spry, go die :3
  11. <Spry> Salty: join #main irc.sprylitol.co
  12. <TechEmporium> Spry: I'm sure you star in horseporn
  13. <TechEmporium> :^)
  14. <Spry> ok TechEmporium sure whatever you say
  15. <Spry> (I don't, he's just a nigger)
  16. <TechEmporium> ^ >Having to defend yourself
  17. <TechEmporium> lel
  18. <Spry> You're a jew
  19. <TechEmporium> That's a sign that you got trolled
  20. <Spry> at least I'm not a jew
  21. <TechEmporium> >not a Jew
  22. <TechEmporium> >Huurrrr I needs muh Buttcoins
  23. <Spry> who gives a fuck about being trolled
  24. <Spry> >Hurr I am le mastur trole
  25. <Spry> aren't you like
  26. <Spry> over 20?
  27. <Spry> because you act like you're 12
  28. <TechEmporium> So act the same, if not worse
  29. <TechEmporium> That's why you get banned in so many places too
  30. <Spry> I don't actually
  31. <TechEmporium> Not since you stopped shitposting on every other channel due to your bans
  32. <TechEmporium> :^)
  33. <Spry> nah
  34. <Spry> I really don't shitpost
  35. <Spry> you're just a cunt
  36. <Spry> get over yourself
  37. <Spry> Erik
  38. <TechEmporium> See how you're shitposting as usual, Spry?
  39. <Spry> l3l
  40. <Spry> TechEmporium: did you see my business cards?
  41. <TechEmporium> No
  42. <TechEmporium> Post 'em
  43. <Spry> http://a.pomf.se/wihxzp.png
  44. <TechEmporium> I hope this isn't the actual one you're going to be giving to people for business
  45. <Spry> why?
  46. <Spry> (it is)
  47. <TechEmporium> >tfw you have a "company" called Sprylitol
  48. <TechEmporium> >Your name is Dash Scarborough
  49. <Spry> yea
  50. <TechEmporium> >Not naming yourself Dash Bandicoot & working in your own game dev company
  51. <Spry> thats stupid
  52. <Spry> I get it
  53. <Spry> you have some gay nostalgia for crash bandicoot
  54. <Spry> stop found spewing that bullshit in my face
  55. <TechEmporium> You have gay nostalgia for me when you're gone for long periods
  56. <Spry> yes I do
  57. <Spry> so?
  58. <Spry> I don't tell you about it
  59. <TechEmporium> Also, the one thing I can suggest is that you put something on your card to show off some skills you know
  60. <TechEmporium> Like a slogan
  61. <Spry> no
  62. <Spry> anyways
  63. <Spry> it already does
  64. <Spry> >linux terminal
  65. <Spry> >.py
  66. <TechEmporium> >Dash Scarborough: bringing you quality manure since 1998
  67. <Spry> subtle implication that I into linux and into python
  68. <TechEmporium> Something like that
  69. <Spry> god damn
  70. <Spry> No
  71. <Spry> that sounds retarded
  72. <TechEmporium> They'll think you're just a Matrix fanboy
  73. <Spry> simplicity
  74. <Spry> simplicity
  75. <Spry> simplicity
  76. <Spry> simplicity
  77. <Spry> so many people have such shitty business cards
  78. <Spry> where they put way too much shit
  79. <TechEmporium> So you simply make yourself look like an angsty teenager with a lust for guns & a hatred for humanity
  80. <TechEmporium> Great way to do business
  81. <TechEmporium> :^)
  82. <Spry> I'm not going to fucking be just giving this to someone than walking away
  83. <Spry> I'm going to be talking to them for awhile
  84. <Spry> than just as I'm leaving "oh yea, heres my card"
  85. <Spry> Name
  86. <Spry> Profession
  87. <Spry> website
  88. <Spry> number
  89. <Spry> nothing else is needed
  90. <Spry> oh, email is tho
  91. <Spry> thats it
  92. <TechEmporium> How do they know what profession you have if you just have the word Developer?
  93. <TechEmporium> You could be a land developer with a love for The Matrix
  94. <Spry> because I'd talk to them
  95. <TechEmporium> And they'd get bored
  96. <TechEmporium> :^)
  97. <Spry> and the theme of the card auto-implys software/computer/the matrix
  98. <Spry> I'm a landscape developer in the matrix
  99. <TechEmporium> So all you do is minecraft mods
  100. <TechEmporium> B^3
  101. <Spry> kek
  102. <Spry> want me to shove my dick in your ass?
  103. <Spry> you know I will
  104. <Spry> since I'm so gay
  105. <TechEmporium> Nope, but your brother would
  106. <Spry> fuck you
  107. <TechEmporium> (^:
  108. <Spry> no
  109. <TechEmporium> (^:]=
  110. <Spry> TechEmporium: do you into web dev at all
  111. <TechEmporium> >python
  112. <TechEmporium> >Dev
  113. <Spry> so thats a no?
  114. <Spry> do you do web shit at all
  115. <Spry> do you know how to make a pretty webpage?
  116. <Spry> TechEmporium
  117. <Spry> could you make me something that looks like this, but less gay?
  118. <Spry> http://jakemates.com/
  119. <Spry> same/similar style, just less overall fagginess to that
  120. <TechEmporium> Spry: I know HTML, CSS, PHP & JavaScript
  121. <TechEmporium> Python isn't that important or that desperately needed
  122. <TechEmporium> You need more than just python
  123. <Spry> you fuck
  124. <Spry> stop fucking assuming all this shit
  125. <Spry> forget about me
  126. <TechEmporium> So what else do you know?
  127. <Spry> can YOU make me something
  128. <Spry> is what I'm asking
  129. <Spry> you cunt
  130. <TechEmporium> I can, but why would I make any shit for you
  131. <TechEmporium> Especially since you claim to know it all
  132. <Spry> because if you make me something worth using I'll pay you
  133. <TechEmporium> Make it yourself, Mr. Python
  134. <Spry> I don't know how
  135. <Spry> I don't into web dev yet
  136. <Spry> god damn
  137. <TechEmporium> So you admit your business card's a sham
  138. <TechEmporium> :^D
  139. <Spry> and I'm not going to try to make fucking web shit with python alone
  140. <Spry> fuckin a
  141. <Spry> can you make me a page or not
  142. <TechEmporium> You didn't know I make web pages?
  143. <TechEmporium> You must be new here
  144. <Spry> a NICE page
  145. <TechEmporium> >Nice
  146. <Spry> something that looks pro
  147. <TechEmporium> It's subjective
  148. <TechEmporium> Everything I do IS pro
  149. <Spry> god fucking damn it
  150. <Spry> fuck you
  151. <Spry> I don't giver a fuck
  152. <Spry> what
  153. <Spry> you can do
  154. <TechEmporium> lel
  155. <Spry> not hiring you
  156. <Spry> you cunt
  157. <Spry> go suck a fucking bag of dicks
  158. <TechEmporium> It's not like you have money to pay me
  159. <TechEmporium> BitCoins aren't money
  160. <Spry> I was going to pay you $200
  161. <Spry> if you did a good job that was worth it
  162. <Spry> in USD
  163. <TechEmporium> Not even the Chinese government recognises your Bitcoins
  164. <Spry> in USD
  165. <Spry> in USD
  166. <Spry> in USD
  167. <Spry> in USD
  168. <Spry> in USD
  169. <Spry> in USD
  170. <Spry> in USD
  171. <TechEmporium> So you switched to USD?
  172. <Spry> in USD
  173. <TechEmporium> Why?
  174. <Spry> in USD
  175. <Spry> in USD
  176. <Spry> in USD
  177. <Spry> in USD
  178. <Spry> in USD
  179. <Spry> in USD
  180. <Spry> in USD
  181. <TechEmporium> Because you were told to quit using virtual fake money?
  182. <Spry> in USD
  183. <Spry> in USD
  184. <Spry> in USD
  185. <Spry> in USD
  186. <Spry> in USD
  187. <Spry> in USD
  188. <Spry> in USD
  189. <Spry> in USD
  190. <Spry> in USD
  191. <Spry> in USD
  192. <Spry> YOU CUNT
  193. <Spry> NO
  194. <TechEmporium> lel