\ Column Wincest Story - /g/pasta 2.4
From Colorant Matamata, 6 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. Actually, duck if thread wants it or not. I'm gonna give it to you anyway. And none of that 'Should I cont?' shit either. You asked for stories, stories shall I give!
  3. >be many moons ago when I was a younger man of around 18ish
  4. >be attractive enough, but not super hunk
  5. >7/10 at least, good body from biking to the mall every other day
  6. >pedal bike not vroom vroom bike
  7. >have many sibs, older brother, older sister, two younger sister, one younger brother
  8. >older siblings both drug addicted shit faces
  9. >youngest sister is giant spoiled bitch, young brother is cool for a five year old
  10. >oldest younger sister is 12, cute, glasses, freckles on nose, strawberry blonde hair
  11. >social awkward, not many friends, doesn't hang out much, mom is kind of mean to her
  12. >idolized me
  13. >she was always my fave sib
  15. >never really had sexual feels for little sis
  16. >some days might be playing in shorts shorts and think 'that not a bad ass for a 12yo' but then shrug because sister
  17. >liked to play vidya in my room because I was a boss and had almodt every system
  18. >snes, genesis, gamecube, psone, pstwo, GBAsp, D's
  19. >feel bad because no n64
  20. >back to wince story
  21. >sis liked to play Sega games best
  22. >not bad at Mean Bean Machine and Columns
  23. >look them up faggets, their good games
  24. >one day I get amazingly comfy beanbag chair
  25. >sis immediately claims it as hers
  26. >'fuck you sis I paid for it'
  27. >'fuck me then it's mine'
  28. >no intention to fuck, just idle banter, but sit my ass down in my bean bag chair because it's mine bitch deal with it
  30. >start playing Columns
  31. >sis says she's gonna beat me
  32. >laugh at her
  33. >little sis sits in my lap in beanbag chair
  34. >'the fuq are you doing?'
  35. >she says she's sitting in 'her' beanbag chair
  36. >extra weight makes me sink down into chair a little further at a wierd angle, get uncomfortable
  37. >start to wiggle trying to get straight again
  38. >sis starts wiggling in my lap trying to do the same
  39. >my penis forgot that it was my little sister's ass grinding on him
  40. >begins to awaken from his slumber
  41. >no really notice because trying to get to where I can play game
  42. >sis doesn't notice either or at least doesn't mention
  43. >not right away at least
  44. >several levels into Columns, I'm finally sitting kind of leaned back, sis is still sitting in my lap kind of turn sideways, still wiggles every now and then
  45. >fucking kids don't know how to get comfortable for long term game playing
  46. >sis is loosing, too many blocks on her screen, getting close to the top
  48. >sis is about three more blocks away from losing
  49. >I am Column champion and have almodt zero blocks on screen
  50. >you stupid noob you should have known you couldn't beat me I have been playing vidya since before your conception
  51. >sis wiggles again
  52. >about to lose
  53. >suddenly says 'your bones is digging into my butt'
  54. >what?
  55. >I get distracted and misplace a block
  56. >sis gets a lucky block and scores a decent combo out of nowhere out of pure luck
  57. >drops a few blocks on my side, but not enough to really mess me up
  58. >well played, young one
  59. >game goes on for a little while longer
  60. >sis shirts again
  61. >'seriously, go pull you dick or whatever guys do'
  62. >finslly notice I do have a bone
  63. >not really full bone, but more then a semi
  64. >2/3s bone
  65. >tell her if she doesn't like it she can get up
  66. >sis mumbles something incoherent
  67. >not entirely sure but think I heard her say she didn't not like it enough to get up or something
  68. >don't care because 1: sis, and 2: she's making a come back on Columns
  69. >start trying to distract her back with comments
  70. >'like you even know what a boner feels like'
  72. >sis doesn't say anything at first
  73. >finslly comes up with the brilliant line 'yea, well I bet you've never seen a girls parts before'
  74. >says 'girl's parts' instead of vagina or cunt or pussy because she's 12
  75. >'I've seen more of them then you have'
  76. >sis says 'I see one every day'
  77. >'but it's the same one every day so it gets boring.' Lies. Seeing a vag never gets boring. Ever.
  78. >game still going on
  79. >little shit has scored a few more combos and is actually about even with me
  80. >sis says 'hey, if you best me, I'll let you see it'
  81. >confused. 'see what?'
  82. >sis sighs. 'my.. you know.'
  83. >I think she must be desperate to beat me to use distraction tactics like this
  84. >'why would I want to see that?'
  86. >sis seems almost offended
  87. >'because you're a guy and all guys want to do is see girls naked'
  88. >'if I wanted to see a girl naked that buy id download porn' lie. This was the days of dial up and downloading porn was more of a chore then it was worth.
  89. >sis is disgruntled 'fine, whatever. You just know you're gonna lose.'
  90. >sis doesn't know I have set up an amazing combo, I just need one mother fucking red block
  91. >'if you're gonna be such a baby about it, fine. I'll beat you.'
  92. >two moves later, and I behold the coveted red block
  93. >watch as lines upon lines of blocks are erased from my side of the screen
  94. >listen to the glorious sound it makes when combos get higher and higher
  95. >feel the joy of watching the defeat of my foe as layers of brick blocks fall on her screen
  96. >sis panics
  97. >makes a few bad moves
  98. >block reaches top of screen
  99. >shutter drops on her side of the screen and says Game Over
  100. >sister says 'ugh'
  101. >I press down button repeatedly to make blocks reach top of screen because it's no fun playing once you've won
  102. >tell sis 'next time you want to talk smack make sure you can back it up'
  103. >sis sighs again and drops her controller and lays back across me ever more making the sounds that those who have just lost typically make
  104. >I spend a few moments gloating
  105. >sis finally says 'alright, you won. Here.'
  106. >here what?
  107. >sis puts her thumbs under the elastic waist of her shorts/panties and list them up a little
  108. >looking down my sister shorts at her crotch
  109. >can't really see anything at this angle though
  110. >she let's go and the pop back down 'There, you happy?'
  111. >actually I had forgotten she even said she was gonna do that, but whatever
  113. >boner is reawakening at thus point
  114. >not that I really want to bone 12yo sis, penis just doesn't know better
  115. >play along anyway though
  116. >'I didn't even see anything'
  117. >'that's because you didn't look'
  118. >'or maybe because there's nothing down there to see'
  119. >sis makes a noise to express that she is offended, even though really she is 12, what is there to see, right?
  120. >ask 'asker you gonna show me again or not?'
  121. >'sis picks controller back up 'maybe if you beat me again'
  122. >fuck that, Columns takes forever to play, boner will die before I can beat her again because she is pretty good
  123. >'if you won't show me, I'll just take a loot myself'
  124. >sis turns her head to me 'what do you mean?'
  125. >get up from beanbag chair with sis in lap, arms under her, kind of half-toss her over to my bed but keep my hands on her shorts all in one move
  126. >snatched them, and panties, down to her ankles
  127. >technically UP to her ankles since he feet were in the air
  128. >sis makes surprised gasp and kicks at the air a few times then realizes she is exposed and bends her knees, covering her naked little booty
  129. >'thats.. that's not fair!' sis fumbles through words, cheeks have turned the same color as her hair
  131. >'so are you gonna show me or what?'
  132. >sis crosses her arms and tries to look mad
  133. >'you really want to see your sister naked?'
  134. >I shrug 'no, but you said if I best you you'd show me and I beat you. You can't half ass it now just because you lost.'
  135. >she lays her head back and makes the biggest 'ugh' any little sister has ever made
  136. >'fiiiine'
  137. >slowly spreads her knees and finally legs
  138. >feet can only go so far apart because shorts still around ankles
  139. >kind of odd position but still full spread on the edge on my bed
  140. >looks exactly like what you'd expect a 12yo to looks like
  141. >pink slide right up the middle
  142. >only a little hair at the top, same color has head, maybe a little darker because sun never reaches it
  143. >butt hole is almost the same color pink and the rest of her, no dark brown, no poo stains
  144. >nice
  145. >not actually interested in making woopy with because brain still knows it's my little sis, but still nice
  146. >boner a proves
  147. >'there, are you happy?' sis looks up
  148. >shrug
  149. >'i've seen better'
  150. >sis ughs again and pulls her shorts up
  151. >goodbye, glorious view
  153. Every one have their dino leashes ready? TOO FUCKING BAD NO DINOSAURS HERE.
  155. >sis pulls her shorts back up and just kind of sits on the edge of my bad, arms still crossed
  156. Let me stop for a minute and drop some details thay i probably should have explain at the begining. My sister had that needy cute thing going on. She was about half a foot short then me, skinny, but not a bean pole. She has no boobies (yet) but her waist and ass had already started in. Her hips were about as wide as her shoulders, and her butt was just round enough without being 'big'. Her hair was cut a little above her shoulders and was too dark to be blonde but too light to be brown. I was about 5'6"ish, 160 pounds of broad shoulders, flat stomach (not really abs, but no pooch), my hair was darker then hers, and about down to my ears. I had Leons haircut from RE4. I was definitely fuckable, as I'd been fucked many times before, and actually had a gf during most of this time. Anyways..
  158. >tell sis 'next time don't make a bet if you're gonna be mad when you lose.'
  159. >'I'm not mad'
  160. >'then what?'
  161. >sis huff
  162. >'nothing'
  163. >what's wrong, mad you had to show your brother your cunt? or just mad that I beat you? haha.
  164. >shrug at her for being stupid 'whatever. I guess it wasn't that bad. Wanna play again?'
  165. >'not Columns'
  166. >'fine, not Columns.'
  167. >play Mario Kart DD on GameCube instead, coop mode. Guess she was scared of loosing against me again.
  169. >beat Special Cup 150cc likes it's nobodies business and contemplate what to do next
  170. >btw I'm back in my beanbag chair and her ass is sitting on the floor
  171. >boner has ghosted and sis's show from earlier is long gone from my mind
  172. >I off handedly mention something about going to the mall to beat all the noobs on Soul Caliber 2
  173. >have the baddest of bad Nightmare character
  174. >he decimates all who cross his path
  175. >named him OogyBoogy
  176. >sis leans over on my legs and says a very exaggerated 'nooooooo'
  177. >ask her why not
  178. >sis gets kind of pouty. Mean mom won't let her go to mall and she can't play vidya while I'm gone because no one is allowed in my batcave when I'm no present and I own all the vidya
  179. >tell her I am a man and I must leave to own noobs and get birches
  180. >sis finally asks me 'please stay'
  181. >sigh and sink back into my chair
  182. >really want to go but no sis will be stuck at home bored out of her mind with two younger kid sibs to annoy the fuck out of her
  183. >sis says 'how about we play battle mode, and if I win, you stay?'
  184. >'what if I win?'
  185. >'you still stay' her idea of fair
  186. >'yea but what's in it for me?'
  187. >sis pretends she's thinking for a minute and says 'if you beat me, I'll show you you know what again'
  188. >dude what?
  189. >'nuh uh. not good enough. I already saw it. what, is it gonna look different this time? I told you, once you've seen it, it gets boring.' Lies. Lies and lies. But this is my fucking sister.
  190. >lays her head on my knee and go 'pleeeeease'
  191. >'tell you what' I believe I have come up with a plan to deter her 'but if I win, I get to finger you.'
  192. >honestly did not want to finger 12yo old sis but hoped the nuclear option would deter more whining
  193. >I was wrong
  195. >sis pauses for a second, shrugs and says fine
  196. >kind of shocked
  197. >fucking nuclear threat didn't work
  198. >god damnit everyone has nukes now
  199. >sis says 'does that mean if I win I get to touch you though?'
  200. >this little bitch
  201. >'no, if you win, you can touch yourself'
  202. >'that's no fun'
  203. >'that's because you don't know what you're doing' of course she doesn't, she's 12
  204. >'I do too!' sis is upset
  205. >reply 'whatever'
  206. >at this point, I'm going over my options in my head
  207. >1 I don't want to molest my little sister
  208. >2 I do want to go to the mall
  209. >3 I'm 18, so actually, I do want to touch vagina, and my boner can't tell the difference
  210. >4 Probably won't ever have the option to touch 12yo vag ever again without prison time
  211. >5 I can count to 5
  212. >6 she's actually pretty good at Mario Kart, has beaten me before
  213. >7 oh no what if she wins will she want to touch my weiner?
  214. >8 maybe if she wins and I full a flaccid dick out she'll think ew gross and we'll be done
  215. >9 she's 12 and wouldn't know any different
  216. >challenge accepted
  217. >'ok, you're on.'
  218. >sis nods, get up, and plops back down in my lap
  219. >too hard, hurts
  220. >damn you little shit
  221. >ask her what she's doing
  222. >she wiggles and says 'this gives you a boner and I want it to be hard when I win because I don't want to touch a soft weiner'
  223. >she just completely destroyed point 8
  224. >fucking kids these days
  225. >more determined then ever to beat her
  226. >pick toad and green Koopa because favorite
  227. >sis picks peach and daisy because she has a vag
  228. >game on, bitch
  230. >decide best two out of three wins
  231. >good thing to because she wins first
  232. >spamming fucking green turtle shells in a small arena
  233. >bye bye all my balloons
  234. >fuck you cheap shit
  235. >pick a bigger level
  236. >beat her round two but only have 1 balloon left like oh my god she almost beat me
  237. >final round
  238. >this will determine if I molest my sister
  239. >or if she molest me
  240. >so much what the fucks at that last line
  241. > playing hard, exchanging blows, comes down to us both having 1 balloon
  242. >she has 3 green shells
  243. >fuck
  244. >get box, get ONE FUCKING GREEN SHELL oh my god what the hell??
  245. >we get on a long stretch, one at each end
  246. >anime style moment of silence
  247. >here she comes
  248. >she shoots one shells, misses, shoots another, I jump over it
  249. >I fucking jumped a green shell, am I a god or what?
  250. >I shoot my shell
  251. >she shoots hers
  252. >the gods of fate are either asleep or drunk
  253. >both shells hit
  254. >both
  255. >shells
  256. >hit
  258. >I mock throw controller down and yell 'bullshit', almost dislodge sis from lap
  259. >calm down a little and get ready for a tie breaker
  260. >sis asks me what I'm doing as I explain the concept of breaking a tie to her delicate young mind
  261. >she says 'oh' in almost a disapointed manner
  262. >'why? you just wanna give up?'
  263. >she says no, I ask her then what?
  264. >she shrugs and says 'I dunno, I just thiugh, maybe..'
  265. >yes?
  266. >she shrugs again, fumbles words, 'since we tied, I thought maybe we'd just touch each other?'
  268. >give sis a look of utter disbelief
  269. > tell her 'that's not what we agreed of though'
  270. >grasping at straws
  271. >want to touch
  272. >don't want to touch
  273. >want to play Soul Caliber 2
  274. >OogyBoogy needs my tokens
  275. >sis shrugs
  276. >she says 'well we both one technically'
  277. >suddenly get brilliant idea and say 'suddenly we both technically lost too, so no one gets touched. I'm going to the mall.'
  278. >sis is still in my lap
  279. >I'm no actually trying to get up
  280. >but I'm not trying to touch her either
  281. >screen on TV shows toad snd green Koopa
  282. >they're watching is
  283. >they know
  284. >fucking faggots
  285. >out of nowhere sis says 'you just don't know how to touch a girl' and looks away
  286. >you sassy little cunt
  287. >'uh, yea, I have a gf. And I touch her all the time'
  288. >'sure you dont' 12yo reply confirmed
  289. >kind of get smug and say 'gf cums everyone I touch her'
  290. >sis looks back at me kind of raised eyebrows and asks 'where does she come to?'
  291. >COME TO?
  292. >sis is 12 snd doesn't know why the word cum spelled see you em means
  293. >rolls my eyes and shake my head
  294. >she looks mad 'what?'
  295. >'I mean like she has an orgasm. Cums.'
  296. >sis looks puzzled
  297. >she says 'oh, I thought only guys, uh, cummed'
  298. >has she never had an orgasm?
  300. >of course she hasnt, she's only 12
  301. >I even said she didn't know how to touch herself
  302. >hell I don't think I even touched myself til I was around 14
  303. >but I learned quick
  304. >anyways
  305. >we just kind of sit there for a moment, extremely awkward, Mario Kart still running
  306. >I sigh and slump down
  307. >'I'll stay'
  308. >sis goes Hm?
  309. >pluck her forehead and tell her I decided not to go to the mall
  310. >sis shrugs and says 'ok, but..?'
  311. >but what?
  312. >vocalize that thiught 'but what?'
  313. >sis rolls her heads and ughs almodt as hard as she did earlier
  314. >finslly she turns halfway around in my lap, grind my not all the hard dick as she does, put her hands on her hips and says 'are you going to finger me?'
  315. >just look at her
  316. >disbelief level at 152%
  317. >push her out of my lap
  318. >age makes the most awkward noise and she falls to the floor, flailing
  319. >a wild foot catches my left testicle
  320. >critical hit
  321. >fuck life
  322. > grabs balls and lean forward because leaning forward eases dick pain
  323. >Every guys know this fact
  324. >sis is on floor on her ass, propped herself on with her hands behind her, looks mad
  325. >'I didn't say touch yourself dummy'
  326. >can't hear because everyone knows taking one to the boys makes you go deaf
  327. >'what? What?'
  328. >sis rolls her eyes
  329. >tell her she kicked me
  330. >sis composer changes, she didn't realise she kicked me, it was an accident, and she's sorry
  331. >she kind of leans forward to offer sympethy
  332. >grabs my shorts by the rim and pulls them forward like she did earlier
  334. >all of my what's
  335. >sis looks up and does one of those smirks only a 12yo girl can do
  336. >is she.. is she disappointed?
  337. >well for fucks sake, he was only half hard to begin with, and that was BEFORE she assaulted him!
  338. >is she disappointed?
  339. >sis says 'you're not hard'
  340. >aoabwodbsoalqnwndosbapabwozbsoabdodne
  341. >'of course I'm not fucking hard! you kicked me in my dick for fuck sake what do you expect!'
  342. >sis looks taken back
  343. >says sorry again
  344. >not sure if she's sorry she kicked me or sorry she didn't get to see the raging beast that is my fully erect coco
  345. >thought I'd be a good idea to name my beaner that man slayer due to its size
  346. >quickly decided that wasn't such a great idea after all
  347. >sis kind of sits there as the pain slowly goes away
  348. >I sigh heavily and sit back up
  349. >look at sis
  350. >sigh again
  351. >sis still sitting on the floor
  352. >her legs are bent, knees in the air, kind of spread
  353. >notice short shorts kind of kicked to one side
  354. >white panties, pink trim, over her crotch, but camel toe
  355. >12yo sister camel toe
  356. >bone fights through the pain
  357. >shall name him cocky balboa
  358. >the penistallion stallion
  359. >don't know is sis notices me looking or not, but she notices something
  360. >she asks 'are you getting hard?!
  362. My boss just asked me what I'm doing. I told her I was telling some people about my childhood experiences and she told me to tske all the time I need. I'm getting pain to wrote winced on b. Cool.
  364. >am I getting hard?
  365. >not as hard your your fucking head
  366. >admit 'sort of'
  367. >sister looks exasperated, like many of the faggot anon in this thread
  368. >she asks 'what does sort of mean? You have a boner earlier!'
  369. >earlier
  370. >when my boner has a cute ass grinding on it
  371. >before it was kicked
  372. >starting to slowly realise I have a smart, albeit slightly shut in sister that is probably at the age where they're teaching sex ed and she is entirely too curious about sex
  373. >and I'm her fucking guinipig
  374. >well, just guinipig
  375. >were not fucking
  376. >yet
  377. >trolling all yall fuckers that are rushing me
  378. >well, shit, she's going to learn about sex from someone, maybe if I give her all the details, it'll calm her hormones down
  379. >look at sis sitting on the floor
  380. >not as sexual object but as 12yo sister that wants her brothers attention
  381. >decide that it's better if I give her the talk then for her to find out some other way
  382. >'you really don't know shit do you?'
  383. >'yes I do' she indignantly replies
  384. >'then tell me what doggy style is'
  385. >I put her on the spot
  386. >she draws a blank
  387. >I raise an eyebrow 'no? How about sixtynine?'
  388. >sis angry pouts
  389. >'I know that a guy gets hard and he out his penis.. inside. I don't know about positions and stuff. I'm not a whore you know'
  390. >not yet at least
  391. >shake my head at her 'so you don't know shit then'
  392. >'fine, I don't know shit' she finally admits it! 'can I touch your dick now?'
  394. >ask sis point blank 'why are you so fixated on my dick? Do you want to have sex or something?'
  395. >sis seems genuinely non interested and says 'ew know, I don't want to have SEX with you, you're my fucking brother'
  396. >so in her 12yo mind, showing me the eitght wonder ofnmy world isnok, her touching my dick is ok, fingerings her is ok, but sex with her brother is gross? 12yo logic
  397. >she's 12 and what is this
  398. >/b/ references before /b/
  399. >sigh 'well you can't touch it until it's hard'
  400. >just aknowledged thay she CAN touch it though, and she definitely notices
  401. >'well make it hard!'
  402. >well make it hard
  403. Woman, I assure you, if men could will themselves into and out of erections, we'd have almost no need for you. We seriously have no control on what goes on down there.
  404. >'it doesn't work that way'
  405. >'why not?'
  406. >having a back and forth with my sister about my dick
  407. >she reminds me that it was hard earlier
  408. >'that was different' I say
  409. >'different how' she asks
  410. >'different because I was tuned on. You can get hard without getting turned on.'
  411. >'well what turns you on?'
  412. >redheads, asians, anal, my little sister..
  413. >'beating you at games obviously'
  414. >she knows better
  415. >'you were hard when I was sitting in your lap, but you're not hard now. I'm not stupid.'
  416. >no, no she's not.
  417. >she gets up, turns around, sits in my lap and leans back
  418. >kind of leans her head back and tells me 'don't worry about telling me when you get hard, I'll notice.'
  420. >does this bitch know what she's doing?
  421. >my dick twitches but still has not assumed his final form
  422. >ssj3god form dick confirmed
  423. >I'm not just gonna sit here with my sister in my lap waiting on a boner, that's not how things work
  424. >but I'm not going to ask her to grind her ass against me either
  425. >fuck
  426. >'it might take a while cause it still hurts'
  427. >she looks at me and sighs. Mario Kart is still on, she picks her controller back up
  428. >asks if I want to keep playing til then, I say know, would get too focused on game to get a boner
  429. >she calls me a liar and again reminds me of the hard on I got earlier
  430. >bitch I have a lot on my mind this time ok?!
  431. >she shrugs and goes back to the menu to set up a single player game
  432. >she's using my controller
  433. >you don't understand, I have one controller on each system that is MY controller and no one else uses
  434. >fuck it, she wants to touch my dick, my as well let her use my stick
  435. >I'm so fucking funny
  436. >sister starts playing special cup on reverse I think
  437. >light turns green, she's mad cause she didn't time it right to get that boost
  438. >she's only 12 after all
  439. >gets into her game, starts moving her body as she steers
  440. >ass grinding dick
  441. >oh god
  443. >she's no doing too bad. Second place on stage one, but gets first place on the second stage
  444. >does a celebratory dance in my lap
  445. >well fuck
  446. >she was awoken the dragon
  447. >and she knows it
  448. >turns around and looks at me with a determined look as says matter of factly 'I'm gonna touch I now'
  449. >'but you're still playing' I point out
  450. >looks at me
  451. >looks at tv
  452. >looks at me again
  453. >gets up and turns off the gamecube
  454. >turns around, hands on hips, raises eyebrow 'well?'
  455. >'do you really want to touch my dick?'
  456. >'no I'm really just joking yes I want to touch it, pull it out!'
  457. >this time I ugh as loud as she did
  458. >fucking fine
  459. >I get off Mr Beanie and sit on the side on my bed
  460. >damn my bed is comfy as fuck
  461. >unbuttoned my fly, look at her and ask her if she's sure
  462. >she looks front my shorts to my eyes and kind of nods
  463. >'fine' I give up 'it's still not all the way hard yet though.'
  464. >kind of open my short and my wiener out of the flap in the front of my boxers
  465. >sis just stares
  466. >it's think I broke her
  467. >'holy shit' she kind of half whispers. Has not broken eye contact with my dick. Only four or so inches are sticking out of my shorts, the rest of the monster is still in his car
  468. >non-cut, little purple head sticking out of his turtle neck sweater
  469. >sis doesn't seem to care
  470. >holy.. wow' she does a quick step and sits by me on the bed
  471. >she races out with a hand but kind of stops short
  473. Guys, it's turns out my sister was a skeletor the whole time. Fuck! Continuing..
  475. >'well?'
  476. >I'm sitting here with my dick out waiting on my sister to touch it after her begging me to let her for the last hour
  477. >I could be at the mall by now
  478. >I wonder ho many wins OogyBoogy is up to?
  479. >sister loos up and kind of pulls her hand back 'well what?'
  480. >well what?
  481. >are you serious?
  482. >motion towards my exposed weiner 'are you gonna touch it or not?'
  483. >'oh yea..' She reaches a little closer, still no physical contact though
  484. >I don't have time for this shit
  485. >grab her by the wrist
  486. >move her hand to my dick
  487. >she gasps in surprise
  488. >Kung fu grip!
  489. >sis just holds dick and whispers 'wow'
  490. >ask her wow what?
  491. >she's just holding my dick
  492. >'it's so.. big. And.. hard.'
  493. >yes, yes it is
  494. >I ask her what she expected
  495. >shakes her head, said she didn't know buy not this
  496. >holds dick and says wow again
  497. >looks up an me and asks 'what do I do with it?'
  498. >'what are you talking about?'
  499. >she looks at my dick in her hand and moves her hand just a little and asks 'what.. what am I supposed to do with it?'
  500. >I tell her 'nothing'
  501. >she looks surprised
  502. >'you said you wanted to touch it. You touched it.'
  503. > I go to zip my shorts up
  504. >sister says 'wait!'
  505. >I stop
  506. >'what?'
  507. >she looks up at me, bites her lower lip, looks away and mumbles
  508. >can't hear her
  509. >she releases my dick
  510. >grabs her shorts
  511. >pulls everything off
  512. >naked from the waist down
  513. >looks at me as my dick sways in the gentle summer breeze
  514. >'you said you'd finger me too'
  516. >I did say that, did i?
  517. >I'm sitting on my bed with my dick out
  518. >beside my sister who is naked from the waste down
  519. >waiting on me to finger her
  520. >she kind of bounces her knees against each other, her legs spreading a few inches apart each time she does it
  521. >she's not laid back or anything she just sitting by me, so it's not like I can really see anything
  522. >but I can tell she's excited
  523. >nervous as fuck
  524. >but excited
  525. >so I am though
  526. >nervous and excited
  527. >am I serously about to become a child molesting pedophile?
  528. >or am I going to be the biggest wincest troll on /b/??
  529. >it's been a minute since I boned my gf
  530. >and I'll probably never get this chance again
  531. >I shrug and say ok likes it's not big deal and push her over on her back, more to the center of my bed
  532. >not a troll, real wincest story
  533. >had you worried though didn't i?
  534. >she flops on her back, makes thay wierd noise again, but has her legs clamped together
  535. >props herself up on her elbows and sticks her tongue out at me
  536. >I look at her legs and back up
  537. >'you're gonna have to spread those'
  538. >she bites hee lip
  539. >maybe she's having second thoughts
  540. >nope
  541. >she bends her legs at the knees, then slowly starts to spread them.
  542. >there it is again
  543. >it's actually not a bad vagina
  544. >expect that it belongs to a 12yo
  545. >that also happens to be my sister
  546. >other then that, it's nice
  547. >it's not what I'd call a 'fat' pussy, but she wasn't all meat curtains either. Outer parts were already pussy and almost the hue of a light sunburn if that makes any sense
  548. >and that little ball of orange fuzz right at the top
  549. >I look her in the eyes and ask her again if she's sure
  550. >she just smiles and nods
  551. >ok, let's see what my sisters pussy feels like
  552. >I reach out my hand towards her crotch
  553. >I'm gonna rub thay fuzz ball before I do anything else to her
  555. >reaching for her little patch of pubes
  556. >all of the sudden this bitch snaps her legs back together
  557. >catches my hand between her thighs
  558. >thinks she's hillarious and laughs
  559. >this bitch
  560. >ok so it was kind of funny and I'm not really mad
  561. >pretend I am
  562. >'what the fuck?'
  563. >she shrugs, slowly opens her legs back up
  564. >shake my head, kind of smile
  565. >reach down and touch my sisters pubes
  566. >they're soft
  567. >sister looks down
  568. >'that's not fingering me'
  569. >look at her and shrug
  570. >'you don't know shit, do you?'
  571. >'yes I do' her immediate response
  572. >'fuck you do. You have to get turned on too. If I just jam a finger up there it might hurt you.'
  573. >she lays her head back down and says fine whatever.
  574. >so I rub her patch for a minute but not for too long
  575. >slowly make my way over her slit
  576. >kind of just rubbing up and down the sides of it
  577. >she starts wiggling a little bit but not much
  578. >ok go time
  579. >run my finger right up the middle from the bottom to the top
  580. >she whole body jerk
  581. >I smile
  582. >rub up and down for a minute
  583. >fuck she's already wet
  584. >and not that fake porn star wet, just nornal girl kind of ready for it wet
  585. >rub up and down one more time and position index finger over her opening, kind of making little baby circles without applying too much pressure
  586. >things are way too quiet to I try to ease the tension
  587. >'hey, when you grabbed my arms with your legs, that was kind of funny wasn't it'
  588. >she laughs a little and says 'yea it was'
  589. >I smile and say 'so is this'
  590. >drive my finger all the way in
  591. >she IS wet, it goes in without any problems
  592. >o was gonna be gentle since I am her big brother but payback in a bitch
  593. >god, I'm fucking brilliant
  595. >I have my finger buried to the hilt in my sisters cunt
  596. >surprise bitch!
  597. >she arches her back
  598. >grabs my sheets
  599. >clamps her legs
  600. >too late now, I'm in there
  601. >I give her a moment to settle down and start to move my finger a little
  602. >back and forth, not quite all the way out
  603. >I expected maybe it'd hurt her more
  604. >I'm pretty sure she's a virgin, but my gf wasn't
  605. >figured it might be like popping a balloon fully of blood
  606. >no blood, just a shiny finger covered in my sisters cunt sauce
  607. >cunt sauce
  608. >I'm smile
  609. >she says 'oh my god'
  610. >tell her I'm sorry as I keep fingering her in low gear
  611. >hi torque low speed
  612. >she props herself up on her elbows and looks down
  613. >her brown eyes are so big
  614. >watching me finger her
  615. >watching her brother finger her
  616. >sitting up changed the angle down there a little bit, I can't go quite as deep anymore
  617. >so I try something else
  618. >instead of just going back and forth, I hold my hand still and do the 'come here' motion
  619. >before I knew about the gspot I knew this made my gf go nuts
  620. >not quite the affect on my sister though
  621. >she gasps a little and grabs the blanket harder but doesn't start screaming yes yes
  622. >maybe my gf fakes it
  623. >probably
  624. >sister finally half laughs and says 'wow, you're really fingering me'
  625. >I shrug 'I said I would so I did'
  626. >'i've never had anything IN there though'
  627. >'you've never fingers yourself?'
  628. >she just shakes her head
  629. >'see' I say as I slowly pull my finger out of her 'you don't know shit'
  630. >I grab her shorts and throw them at her face
  631. >she tries to catch them but is too slow
  632. >looks at me confused
  633. >'I said I'd finger you and I did'
  634. >she looks disappointed and says 'oh'
  636. >sitting on my bed with my dick out
  637. >my sister sitting besides with half naked, shorts and panties in her hand
  638. >I just got done fingering her
  639. >she seems upset
  640. >not that I did it, but because I stopped
  641. >I finally tell her she should put her cloths back on
  642. >stuff my still hard peen back into my own undies and zip up my shorts
  643. >sister stands up and puts her feet in her shorts
  644. >panties still in her hand
  645. >pulls her shorts up
  646. >I ask ‘aren’t you forgetting something?’
  647. >motions towards the cotton crotch cradle in her hand
  648. >’oh this?’ she holds undies ‘I’ll put them on later’
  649. >she tosses her underwear under my bed
  650. >immediately back to being 12yo sister
  651. >starts up about games again
  652. >has watched me play Phantasy Star Online on my GameCube before
  653. >refers to it was the game with space elves
  654. >wants to start a character
  655. >I tell her it’s fine but she has to play one her own for a while
  656. >notice my index finger is still wet and wipe it off on my shorts when she isn’t looking
  657. >I swap out Mario Kart DD for Phantasy Star Online because no one else is allowed to touch my discs but me, sort of like the my controller rule
  658. >but I let her break that one already
  659. >when I turn around she’s sitting in my beanbag chair
  660. >nope
  661. >’get up’
  662. >she says ‘make me’
  663. >I grab her by her waist and physically remove her from my Mr Beanie
  664. >I sit down
  665. >she sits in my lap
  666. >this again?
  667. >says she comfy
  668. >yea I bet
  669. >anyways, get the game started, luckily I have one free slot left for a character on the memory card I have in because I wasn’t about to get back up and change it
  670. >she makes a character
  671. >Female Newman Force user
  672. >she’s gonna die lol
  674. >she starts her character
  675. >don't remember what it looks like but remember the name
  676. >Ooglet
  677. >named after my OogyBoogy
  678. >how does she even know about OogyBoogy?
  679. >I wonder how he's doing?
  680. >sis is playing
  681. >jumps straight down to planet
  682. >fuck doing the mission she just wants to kill shit
  683. >doesn't work out that way because she's a weak ass mage
  684. >I wonder never use Forces because they break too easy
  685. >I wonders getting kill by the 'penguins'
  686. >they're called Rappys you noob
  687. >says she'd do better with a different character
  688. >I remember that I made a new character the night before
  689. >Female Cast Ranger named Nooblet
  690. >level 13
  691. >probably strong enough for her to at least beat the first area with
  692. >go back to the menu and load Nooblet
  693. >Is the black and white color scheme, looks like a got maid
  694. >sis calls me a perv
  695. >I don't argue with her because not long ago I had my finger in her
  696. >so now she's playing as a higher level character with better gear
  697. >killing she in 2 and 3 hits
  698. >thinks she's badass
  699. >only has trouble when she comes across the area with the three big guirilla beats at once
  700. >manages to beat then by spamming healing items
  701. >she thinks she's the shit
  702. >starts talking banter
  703. >'hey, I was wondering'
  704. >I think it'll be a question about the game so I 'hmm?'
  705. >'you said when you finger gf she cums'
  706. >'yea, so?'
  707. >'so did you make me cum?'
  708. >12yo being this new
  709. >'you'd know if I did'
  710. >'I guess you didn't then'
  711. >I guess I didnt' I reply
  712. >'I guess you're not as good as you thiught you were'
  713. >she's fighting some of the Tiger things and one keeps knocking her over from behind
  714. >'guess you're not ad good as you thiught you were either'
  715. >'whatever'
  716. >get an idea
  717. >probably wrong but don't care anymore
  718. >start sliding my hand around her waist
  719. >fingers playing with her wastebasket
  720. >still playing game she asks 'what are you doing?'
  722. >I explain to her exactly what I’m doing
  723. >’I want to see who’s talking shit and who isnt. You’re going to try to beat the boss and I’m going to try to make you cum’
  724. >’oh I’m going to best the boss’ she sounds confident enough
  725. >’and I’m going to make you cum’ I sort of half whisper in her ear
  726. >I can feel her body kind of tense up when I said it
  727. >snaking my fingers down half an inch at a time
  728. >I’m in no real hurry
  729. >neither is she
  730. >she back tracked the wrong way and had to walk in a big circle
  731. >finally remember where she is going and makes it to the upper part of the level
  732. >my fingers finally make it to her lower levels
  733. >playing with her fuzz ball pubes
  734. >she inhales deeply but doesn’t say a word
  735. >she kills more tigers, more gorilla bears
  736. >misses a few crates
  737. >I point then out she goes back for them
  738. >slowly moving my hand down
  739. >this crazy ass girl scoots up, pushing her hips forward a little
  740. >perfect angle
  741. >rubbing my sisters cunt with my fingers
  742. >I can feel her leg muscles getting tight but and least she’s not using her clamp attack on me again
  743. >start rubbing closer to where it goes in
  744. >sis kills the last monster on the field
  745. >the portal to the boss opens
  746. >start poking my finger tip into her cunt
  747. >she asks ‘what’s that’
  748. >she doesn’t even seem passed ‘not THAT stupid, on the game’
  749. >Derp
  750. >’that’s the boss portal’
  751. >’so I’m almost there?’
  752. >’I don’t know, are you?’
  753. >she doesn’t get it even though she’s getting it
  754. >’whatever, I’ll beat it’
  755. >’it’ll believe it when I see it’
  756. >she huff and asks ‘and how will you know if you make me cum? Maybe I won’t tell you’
  757. >’don’t worry about telling when you cum. I can tell’
  758. >she doesn’t realize I just used her own line against her
  759. >I have wasted brilliant humor on a fool
  760. >it’s like posting something funny on /b/
  762. >she moves Nooblet onto the portal and pushes the button
  763. >funny wormhole loading screen
  764. >im going to time this just right
  765. >enter boss room
  766. >Dragon appears
  767. >shove finger into twat
  768. >sister audibly gasps
  769. >probably not at the Dragon
  770. >she’s running around like a noob trying to shoot at the Dragon while I finger that cunt
  771. >going faster then before, but not fingerblast speed
  772. >about butter churning speed
  773. >nut butter churning speed
  774. >sister is breathing harder
  775. >dragon flies into the air
  776. >fingering a little faster, doing finger wiggle move again
  777. >must have hit the right spot because she’s moving around a lot
  778. >try to slide my middle finger in there
  779. >not enough room
  780. >’that hurts’ sister says matter of factly
  781. >only use one finger ‘my bad’
  782. >start fingering fast, going a little deeper this time
  783. >bumping her cervix I think
  784. >she’s pushing herself back against me
  785. >dragon dices under ground
  786. >she doesn’t know can’t hit him when he’s underground
  787. >runs across one of the lava pools he leaves behind and takes damage
  788. >has no more Monomates
  789. >screen is turning red
  790. >finger finger finger
  791. >Dragon spit fireball
  792. >Fireball hits Nooblet
  793. >Nooblet falls down
  794. >she doesn’t even notice
  795. >she’s barely holding the controller
  796. >she leans forward
  797. >bunch of little gasps
  798. >drops controller
  799. >holy shit I can feel her cunt pulsing
  800. >her cunt is castiel and my finger is dean
  801. >it grips me tightly and raises me from perdition
  802. >I keep my finger in her as she twitches
  803. >she definitely came
  804. >she’s not gasping anymore
  805. >breathing real slow, deep breaths
  806. >slowly pulls my finger out of her
  807. >she leans back again me
  808. >just says ‘wow’
  809. >I lean forward and whisper sweet nothing into her ear
  810. >’you died y noob
  812. >Nooblet lays dead on the ground as the boss Dragon stomps around her metal corpse
  813. >my sister lays in my lap as her pussy pulsates from what very well may be her first orgasm
  814. >I did this to her
  815. >I do not even feel bad about it
  816. >it’s not like I fucked her
  817. >’holy shit that was awesome’
  818. >she’s still all wiggly in my lap like she can’t get comfortable
  819. >leans back against me again
  820. >’we are totally doing that again’ she smiles at me
  821. >’oh are we now’ I’m skeptical
  822. >she nods and stretches her legs
  823. >’if that’s cumming then yes’
  824. >’I’m not sure we’re going to be doing this again’
  825. >she sits up and turns around to face me
  826. >’why not?’
  827. >’because you’re my sister’
  828. >she smirks
  829. >’it didn’t stop you from doing it to me this time’
  830. >nods in the direction of my dick
  831. >’and it didn’t stop you from getting a boner’
  832. >I shrug but she has a point
  833. >I did just finger her to orgasm
  834. >but I didn’t fuck her
  835. >’so.. you and gf, you two.. fuck.. right?’
  836. >that’s not any of her business
  837. >’yea, we fuck’
  838. >’does she make you cum?’
  839. >I kind of laugh ‘I wouldn’t be with her if she didn’t’
  840. >I’m not with my gf just for sex, but I wouldn’t stay if the sex was bad
  841. >she scoots forward a little and turns around, still in my lap
  842. >one leg on either side on me
  843. >my sister is strattling me
  844. >’how?’
  845. >’how what?’
  846. >’does she make you cum’
  847. >oh
  848. >’by letting me fuck her’
  849. >sis says ‘oh’
  850. >put my hands on her hips and pull her up a little
  851. >’you wanna try it?’
  852. >bluffing but whatever
  853. >sis pulls back a little
  854. >only makes her grind the d more
  855. >’no. Ew. Is there another way to make you cum?’
  856. >I think
  857. >’well, sometimes she blows me’
  858. >’is that where she sucks your dick?’
  859. >nod
  861. >sis slaps my chest
  862. >’that is disgusting!’
  863. >I look at her suspiciously ‘how would you know?’
  864. >’because it’s gross’
  865. >’no more gross then when I go down on her’
  866. >sis does a weird puppy dog head tilt
  867. >’go down, oral, give head?’
  868. >’I don’t..’
  869. >she’s obviously confused
  870. >give her more details
  871. >’when I lick her pussy’
  872. >she slaps my chest again and almost loses her balance
  873. >I almost let her fall but grab her last second
  874. >’that’s nasty’
  875. >I expected something like that
  876. >she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore
  877. >’what else?’
  878. >’what else what’ I ask
  879. >’are those the only ways to make you cum?’
  880. >’well, no’ I explain ‘the simplest way is to just jack off’
  881. >’is that where you rub your dick?’
  882. >’more or less’
  883. >’that’s better then those other two things you said’
  884. >sis gets off of lap, grabs my hand
  885. >tugs and says ‘come on then’
  886. >’now what?’
  887. >she probably has some other perverted thing in mind she wants to try
  888. >she does
  889. >’come oooon, show me how you jack off’
  890. >shake my head ‘I don’t think that’s such a good idea’
  891. >she tugs some more ‘come on, you made me cum, now you cum!’
  892. >I shake head
  893. >’come on come on come on’
  894. >more like cum on, amirite?
  895. >’no’
  896. >she let’s go of my arm and reaches for my shorts
  897. >she has little ninja fingers and gets my shorts unbottoned before I even notice
  898. >before I can stop her she has my boxer flap open
  899. >only about a quarter up
  900. >sis sighs
  901. >’why is it never hard?’
  902. >I try to pull my short back up ‘because maybe it doesn’t always need to be hard?’
  903. >sis pulls her shorts down and steps out of them
  904. >panties still under the bed
  905. >says ‘well I need it hard and I need it hard now’
  907. >i am unable to move do to shock
  908. >my sister, whom i just brought to an orgasm, stands before me in all her glory, bottomless, before my exposed penis, demanding i be hard becasue she needs me to be
  909. >go to defcon 5
  910. >enemy nuke detected
  911. >call solid snake
  912. >did we just get nuked
  913. >my hands still on my shorts but not moving
  914. >before i can react, she steps forward again and strattles my lap
  915. >puts her hands on my shoulders and lowers her crotch down to my lap
  916. >right over my dick
  917. >dick only at 48% power so hes not going anywhere
  918. >but holy fuck
  919. >my sisters 12yo pussy on my dick
  920. >dick at 56% power and rising
  921. >sis doesnt see anything wrong with whats shes doing
  922. >rubs her pussy on my dick
  923. >smiles and giggles
  924. >not like a dominatrix but like a 12yo little sister
  925. >'i kind of figured this might get you-"
  926. >dick at 73% power, power levels increasing exponentially
  927. >she notices
  928. >i notices
  929. >Mr Beanie notices
  930. >Nooblets corpse notices
  931. >OogyBoogy doesnt notice, hes still at the mall waiting on me
  932. >Poor OogyBoogy
  933. >dick at 86% power, activiting main dick functions
  934. >sis must has hit a good spot because she isnt stopping
  935. >shes definitely not a pro but for fuck sake who would pop a bone with a cute little freckled, glasses wearing, round assed fuck nugget grinding her cunt on them?
  936. >sis has a sort of body convulsion and gasps
  937. >leans forward a little and shifts her hip
  938. >dick shifts under her
  939. >under her
  940. >dick at 96% power, comencing dick protocal one
  941. >she pushes her hips forward then back
  942. >several times
  943. >pushes a little farther forward then before
  944. >when she pushed back she rubs her cunt right across the head of my dick
  945. >i swear to god if i so much as breath my dick will go in
  946. >she is grinding slower, but making longer grins
  947. >comes forward again
  948. >dick at 100% power, all systems are go
  949. >she goes back again
  950. >pushes down as she pushes back
  951. >does she even know what shes doing?
  952. >she gasps and stops
  953. >digs her nails into my fucking shoulders
  954. >ow
  956. >looks me in the eyes
  957. >suddenly kind of smiles
  958. >'I..i think youre hard enough now"
  959. >she leans back and gets up
  960. >i swear the head of my dick was in it
  961. >she got up too fast, cant be sure
  963. >sis moves back to the bed
  964. >did this bitch just try to fuck me?
  965. >no, no, she just wanted me hard
  966. >why did she want me hard?
  967. >who knows, but boy am i fucking hard
  968. >'come here!'
  969. >shes patting the bed
  970. >im still dazed
  971. >comes back over and grabs my arm
  972. >'come jack off before it gets soft again'
  973. >looks at me all of the sudden 'because i am NOT getting it hard again"
  974. >doesnt really sound like she regrets anything though
  975. >trying to regain my senses
  976. >'ok, ok, listen'
  977. >'im listening'
  978. >hold up finger like im making a point 'i fingered you, you came. Ill jack off. Then im going to the mall, ok?'
  979. >OggyBoogy is waiting for me
  980. >sis nods and smiles
  981. >shake my head
  982. >what the fuck am i doing?
  983. >just jacking off, thats all
  984. >not like im fucking my sister
  985. >not like im fucking anons sisters
  986. >just jacking off so i can go to the mall
  987. >i get up and walk over to the bed
  988. >as i sit on the edge, she pulls her legs up, feet on the edge of the bed, and puts her chin on her knees
  989. >i can still see her little cunt between the gap in her ankles
  990. >red and puffy
  991. >oh yea i just make that cunt explode
  992. >still shiny
  993. >so is my finger
  994. >'well ok then"
  995. >i grab my wanker, still stcking out of my boxer slit
  996. >it really isnt 'huge' but the head still stick out even with my whole hand around the shaft
  997. >un-cut fag so i dont really need lotion
  998. >uncut fags understand
  999. >start the process
  1000. >up, down, up down
  1001. >dick still diamonds from the grind session
  1002. >jet radio baby
  1003. >wait
  1004. >shes watching
  1005. >looks up at me 'is that.. is that all you do?'
  1006. >nod, cant talk, feeling the torpedo tubes loading
  1007. >'if thats all, then..'
  1008. >dont ask
  1009. >'can i?'
  1010. >fuck
  1011. >sigh
  1013. >let go of my dick and gesture to it 'be my guest'
  1014. >she reaches for the d
  1015. >stops short like she did last time
  1016. >oh hell not
  1017. >grab her hand and put it on my dick and say ' do it already'
  1018. >just told my sister to jack me off
  1019. >why not, i fingered her?
  1021. >sis hold my dick and hesitantly moves her hand
  1022. >up, down, up down, but slowly then i did
  1023. >missile bays are prepped for launch
  1024. >she keeps going
  1025. >she has good form, but needs to work on her rythem
  1026. >that feeling you get in your balls when it HAS to happen?
  1027. >feeling it
  1028. >'ok ok, this isnt doing it"
  1029. >she stop and says what
  1030. >'im sorry'
  1031. >push sister over with one hand, grab the cocker spaniel with my other
  1032. >not to fuck, that comes later, haha
  1033. >when she lays back those legs come apart
  1034. >just enough
  1035. >lets do this
  1036. >my sister is spread on my bed right in front of me
  1037. >left hand goes for the cunt, right hand on dick
  1038. >she doesnt even try to stop me
  1039. >props herself up on her elbows
  1040. >i run my left index finger in her semi-gently
  1041. >good thing shes wet
  1042. >im fingering her at the same ryhtem im stroking it
  1043. >targetting systems damaged
  1044. >weapon fire engaed
  1045. >i feel her cunt tighten
  1046. >she takes a deep breath
  1047. >shes cumming
  1048. >im cumming
  1049. >winter is cumming
  1050. >i grunt once but not like one of those fake ass porn grunts
  1051. >i cum
  1053. >this bitch has had me edging for so long i have at least half a gallow of toxic waste built up
  1054. >and i cum all over her
  1055. >all over her
  1056. >on her shirt
  1057. >on her belly
  1058. >on her thighs
  1059. >in between her thighs
  1060. >cum on her cunt
  1061. >left finger still in her
  1062. >cum on my own hand
  1063. >have an urge
  1064. >this is 200% bad idea
  1065. >pull my finger halfway out
  1066. >cum on her cunt starts to run down onto my finger
  1067. >dont do it
  1068. >push cum finger into sisters cunt
  1069. >well that wasnt smart
  1070. >my gf would kill me if i did that to her
  1071. >sis doesnt know better
  1072. >she doesnt
  1073. >i pull my finger out all the way, no cum on it, wipe some of the cum thats in the nook between her swolen cunt and thigh, kind of smear in on her pussy and stick it in
  1074. >well that wasnt smart
  1075. >sister is watching
  1076. >she says 'wow'
  1077. >looks up at me 'do you cum that much everytime?"
  1078. >no, only when im fingering my sister
  1079. >ammunition depleted
  1080. >i am tired
  1081. >sis takes notice of the ludicrous amounts of semen on her body
  1082. >drags her finger through some on her stomach
  1083. >makes that face you make when you smell a dog fart
  1084. >'eww, this is gross'
  1085. >i shrug
  1086. >'what can i say, i came'
  1087. >sister looks at me
  1088. >i looked her over one more time
  1089. >has my cum all over her
  1090. >has a few drops IN her
  1091. >well fuck
  1093. >so my sister is laying on my bed half naked and covered my in semen
  1094. >she sits up and looks down at herself
  1095. >hands move down to her pussy
  1096. >fingers on both sides of it, she spreads her cunt open a little
  1097. >it’s pink and shiny
  1098. >wet from her juices
  1099. >wet from my juices
  1100. >shes just looking at her pussy
  1101. >im just looking at her pussy
  1102. >’did you get any in me?’
  1103. >’uh.. no’ kind of lying
  1104. >she positions her left hand over her crotch and does a two finger spread and rubs around her cunt with her right fingers
  1105. >’ew it’s all wet and sticky, I think you did get some in me’
  1106. >’you know that things gets wet on its own right?’
  1107. >she looks up, dorky smile on her face ‘not like this’
  1108. >you’ve never been fingered by your brother before either
  1109. >’I told you its because you don’t know what you’re doing’
  1110. >vag still spread wide open, she sticks her middle finger on her other hand in herself
  1111. >kind of does a few pumps before pulling it back down
  1112. >finger is all glossy now
  1113. >great, my sister knows how to masterbate now, maybe she’ll leave me alone
  1114. >she says ‘gross’ again and gets up
  1115. >gets her panties out from under the bed and wipes some of the sperm off herself
  1116. >great, now she has my cum all over her underwear
  1117. >that won’t be suspicious
  1118. >then she puts them on
  1119. >gross
  1120. >picks her shorts up and puts then on too
  1121. >looks over her shoulder ‘I’m gonna go get a shower’
  1122. >I nod ‘I’m gonna go to the mall’
  1123. >she shrugs “ok’
  1124. >sister leaves
  1125. >I turn off the Gamecube
  1126. >change my shorts and go to the mall
  1127. >OogyBoogy has missed me, 158 wins and 14 losses
  1128. >14 loses?
  1129. >wtf OogyBoogy get your shit together
  1131. >the rest of my evening was pretty mundane
  1132. >dropped $20 on tokens at the arcade and got my game on
  1133. >OogyBoogy was glad to see me
  1134. >played Soul Caliber 2, Time Crisis 2, DDR, all the usual shit
  1135. >was friends with the guy who worked the arcade in the evenings so I could stay after the mall proper had closed
  1136. >probably didn’t leave til after midnight
  1137. >get home tired as fuck, not a thought of what I did to my sister earlier
  1138. >shes already in bed and asleep when I get home
  1139. >lay on bed and sleep then sleep of the dead
  1140. >apparently molesting your sister drains you of all your life force
  1141. >or maybe it was the DDR marathon
  1142. >sleep
  1143. >wake up the next morning tired as fuck
  1144. >get ready for work
  1145. >I graduated a year early because extra smart and sick of school
  1146. >work with my dad as general contractor
  1147. >work on people’s houses
  1148. >work is hard but I make sick bank, more $$ then all my friends
  1149. >like $18hr seriously
  1150. >but it’s summer so fuck it’s hot
  1151. >long day of work, hang some ceiling fans in some old lady’s house, accidentally touch a hot wire, laugh at self for being stupid noob
  1152. >finally done, go home
  1153. >rest of the day actually pretty uneventful
  1154. >life as normal, like day before never happened
  1155. >sis is acting normal
  1156. >makes no mention of the day before, neither do I
  1157. >dinner, vidya, sleep
  1158. >wake up next morning not as tired as last time
  1159. >go to work with dad, same old coots house
  1160. >have to add some outlets to a few rooms
  1161. >spend most of the day crawling under her house
  1162. >there was a dead cat under there
  1163. >other then that, nothing else to say
  1164. >most boring chapter
  1166. >finish up at dead cat lady’s house
  1167. >go home
  1168. >younger sibs all home from school already
  1169. >forgot to mention that older sibs are both moved out
  1170. >but they’re shit head druggie
  1171. >don’t associate with them
  1172. >I may have touched my sister but at least I don’t do drugs
  1173. >years of playing arcades with that ‘winners don’t do drugs’ logo
  1174. >more games needs that logo
  1175. >anyways
  1176. >youngest two sibs doing homework
  1177. >young bro is kindergarten, his homework is shapes or some shit
  1178. >youngest sis is third grade, recently started doing basic multiplication
  1179. >her stupid spoiled brain cannot fathom maths
  1180. >fingerbang sis is already done with hers if she had any, but mom is making her help whiny sis
  1181. >she is slumped over, whiny sis is being.. whiny
  1182. >sees me home from work and perks up
  1183. >those glasses, freckles on nose, and she has her hair up in a bun
  1184. >looks like adorable librarian
  1185. >but is sis
  1186. >oh wait I fingered her anyway
  1187. >’hey, can you help whiny sis with this problem?’
  1188. >go over to table
  1189. >is basic of basic maths
  1190. >math times math equals more math
  1191. >give whiny sis the answer because I don’t have time for this shit
  1192. >fingerbang sis says thanks
  1193. >shrug and go take a shower because I crawled over a dead cat earlier
  1194. >washy washy
  1195. >think is sis looking all cute
  1196. >boner responds
  1197. >you little fucker
  1198. >be 18 so jack off in shower
  1199. >dry off, cloths on, go to room
  1200. >plop my ass down on Mr Beanie
  1201. >time for vidya
  1203. >playing vidya in my room
  1204. >sound of whiny sis no wanting to do homework permeates entire house
  1205. >for fucks sake she’s soiled
  1206. >playing dot hack infection
  1207. >started a new game
  1208. >on no Orca got Data Drained
  1209. >oh nooooo
  1210. >I dunno, maybe an hour later?
  1211. >hear foot steps approaching door
  1212. >totally forgot to mention my room is upstairs, have a special room in the attic all to myself
  1213. >was part of arrangement for working for dad
  1214. >he ‘taught’ me all my working skills by us building my room in the attic
  1215. >sweet
  1216. >hear a knock at door
  1217. >’yo?’
  1218. >fingerbang sis opens my door and sticks her head in, pouting
  1219. >’hey, why didn’t you help with whiny sis?’
  1220. >’uh, because she’s –whiny-, duuh’
  1221. >sis comes into room and shuts door
  1222. >asks what I’m playing
  1223. >take a moment to explain to her what dot hack is
  1224. >’so it’s an online game?’
  1225. >shake my head ‘no, it’s a simulated online game’
  1226. >sis gets it now ‘oh, can I play too?’
  1227. >’sorry babe, single player’
  1228. >she frowns
  1229. >’well can I watch?’
  1230. >’sure’
  1231. >half expect her to sit in my lap
  1232. >nope, she sits on the floor beside me cross legged
  1233. >she has changes out of her school cloths
  1234. >hello kitty tshirts and purple short shorts
  1235. >the way she’s sitting, she shorts go waaay up
  1236. >notice that pantie can be seen
  1237. >lime green
  1238. >color goes good with purple shorts
  1240. >pull my attention away from sisters undergarments
  1241. >playing dot hack for a while
  1242. >like doing random dungeons, even at low levels
  1243. >one of my favorite aspects of dot hack was that you could spend hours playing and accomplish nothing
  1244. >sister isn’t as enthusiastic
  1245. >she says this game is boring
  1246. >’well you don’t have to watch’
  1247. >she mumbles something I can’t hear
  1248. >im almost to the gott statue
  1249. >’let me finish this level and I guess I’ll put something else in’
  1250. >’something two player?’
  1251. >I shrug ‘did you have anything in mind?’
  1252. >she shrugs
  1253. >we shrug a lot
  1254. >she suggests Smash Bros
  1255. >back in the day when Smash Bros was good
  1256. >only licensed Nintendo characters
  1257. >start playing
  1258. >be Samus because I like Samus
  1259. >she picks Zelda because she has a vag
  1260. >knew it’d either be Zelda or Peach
  1261. >I turn up my handicap for fun, still am beating her
  1262. >shes not as good at Smash as she is at Double Dash
  1263. >just playing games with my little sis
  1264. >hear more foot steps outside
  1265. >mini bro enters the scene
  1266. >’whatchall doin?’
  1267. >we’re just playing vidya
  1268. >mini bro wants to play too
  1269. >wants to play Mario Cars
  1270. >I say ok
  1271. >mini bro can’t play by himself though so he has to have a partner
  1272. >we decide we’ll take tunes being his partner, I’ll go first
  1273. >tell sis I’m going to beat her anyway
  1274. >she sticks her tongue out at me and says ‘wanna make a wager?’
  1276. >mini bro does not understand the significance of her question
  1277. >he asks what a wager is
  1278. >’a wager is a bet mini bro’
  1279. >mini bro is 5 and does not gamble
  1280. >’what’s a bet?’
  1281. >’it’s something sisters make that they lose’
  1282. >sis chimes in ‘hey that’s not true we both won yesterday’
  1283. >’no, we tied’
  1284. >sis looks coy ‘I think we both won’
  1285. >mini bro is like fuck it let’s play some vidya
  1286. >disregard sis and start the same
  1287. >mini bro wants baby Mario/Luigi team
  1288. >sis picks
  1289. >you guessed it
  1290. >the cunt twins
  1291. >I drive, mini bro is on turtle shell duty
  1292. >of course he sucks, shoot shells and drops peels as soon as we get them
  1293. >he’s 5 and has no sense of strategy
  1294. >still beat sis, us first place her third
  1295. >shes mad
  1296. >’bet you’re glad you didn’t bet anything’
  1297. >sis says we’ll have a rematch later as mini bro switches teams
  1298. >not sure if she really just wants to play games of if this crazy bitch wants me to finger her again
  1299. >im just playing dumb that’s obviously want she wants
  1300. >her and mini bro lose horribly
  1301. >not even top 4
  1302. >mini bro gets mad, blames it on sisters bad driving
  1303. >he’s had enough, too add to play for more then five minutes at a time
  1304. >mini bro leaves me and sis to ourselves
  1305. >mini bro leave me and sis to each other
  1306. >she immediately get up and sits in my lap
  1307. >you whore
  1308. >but for fucks sake she’s so cute
  1310. >sis in my lap once again
  1311. >ask her if she wants to play coop
  1312. >’no, we’re gonna play vs so we can make that’
  1313. >kind of give her that not this shit again look and say ‘yea, what’s on the table’
  1314. > she does that cute smiles where her eyes are half scrunched up
  1315. >’how about getting gets to dare the other person to do something’
  1316. >’like what?’ like finger his sister again probably
  1317. >she turns back around
  1318. >’nuh uh, you don’t have to tell til after you win’
  1319. >well that doesn’t make sense but ok
  1320. >I pick both Koopas this time
  1321. >she picks
  1322. >never mind you know who she picks by this point
  1323. >not just regular vs mode but normal race mode
  1324. >like to have other people to shoot at while we race
  1325. >decide to make it an epic races and do all tracks starting with mushroom cup and working out way up
  1326. >sis has an idea to make things ‘more interesting’
  1327. >’pull your dick out’
  1328. >what?
  1329. >three fourths boner, not trying to hide it
  1330. >’why?’
  1331. >’because I have an idea’
  1332. >’tell me’
  1333. >she shrugs ‘well, I was thinking about yesterday’
  1334. >I bet you were
  1335. >’you remember how you, uh, distracted me the other day?’
  1336. >you mean when I made you have an earth shattering orgasm?
  1337. >’well I figured it’s fair if I distract you this time’
  1338. >makes sense.. sort of
  1339. >still not sure what she has in mind but what the fuck
  1340. >why not
  1341. >she picks her butt up enough for me to unzip shorts
  1342. >release the kraken
  1343. >she sits back down, my dong under her ass
  1344. >game on mother fucker
  1346. >sister is losing bad now
  1347. >shes in seventh place
  1348. >im only in third, haven’t reclaimed my rightful place in first yet
  1349. >she pushes down with her hips applying pressure to my dick
  1350. >fuck you too so I ouch back
  1351. >I wanked in the shower so I’m not anywhere near busting a nut but precumming like a mother fucker
  1352. >my dick is slicker then a greased up stick of butter
  1353. >final lap
  1354. >sister says she can’t concentrate and leans forward
  1355. >pushes her hips back and arches her back
  1356. >games changing move
  1357. >that’s not her ass rubbing my dick
  1358. >shes grinding me with her pussy again
  1359. >kind of still trying to win
  1360. >kind of not paying attention anymore
  1361. >sis is breathing hard, making quick short thrusts
  1362. >I push back about every third grind or so
  1363. >feel something very slick on the head of my penis
  1364. >oh shit she’s running it right on the entrance
  1365. >im knocking on my sisters front door
  1366. >actually she’s knocking on me WITH her front door
  1367. >if she pushes back just a little harder or at different angle
  1368. >fuck fuck fuck
  1369. >total disregard for similar genetic makeup at this point
  1370. >I push my hips up as she pushes back again
  1371. >damn I missed
  1372. >pass the finish line
  1373. >second place fuck
  1374. >sister comes in fourth
  1375. >rave is over and she lowers her controller
  1376. >leans forward a little more
  1377. >this is it
  1378. >I reach around her waist and slide my hand under her shorts
  1379. >holy shit the heat and humidity
  1380. >my sister has the Congo swamp stashed in her shorts
  1381. >put my fingers under my dick
  1382. >here we go
  1383. >she pushes her hips back, I push my hips forward, I push my penis up
  1384. >contact
  1386. >the head of my dick is between her lips
  1387. >not sure if it’s ‘in her’ in her but whatever
  1388. >she stops moving
  1389. >not sure if I should just shove it in or not
  1390. >most tense moment of my life
  1391. >all of the sudden there is banging at the bottom of the steps
  1392. >never before in my life have I seen someone move this quick
  1393. >this bitch is out of my lap and has her shorts up so fucking fast
  1394. >the air current behind her is so strong it makes my dick sway
  1395. >she moved so fast Kakashi couldn’t have copied her moves
  1396. >Gokus instant transmission would fail
  1397. >even ichigos bonkai would be useless against her
  1398. >she got up real fast yall
  1399. >im still fumbling with my dick
  1400. >mom yells up because she is too old/fat/lazy to climb a stair
  1401. >says dinner is ready
  1402. >stop playing so much fucking video games and come down
  1403. >sis still has her hands on her shorts
  1404. >she looks at me and laughs
  1405. >sweating bullets
  1406. >face all red
  1407. >she hollers ‘we’ll be right do-uhn’
  1408. >her voice cracks
  1409. >she covers he mouth
  1410. >my turn to laugh
  1411. >tell her semi quietly because no one can hear you talk from my room anymore
  1412. >’you have to act more casual’
  1413. >’what?’
  1414. >I shrug
  1415. >’me and gf have almost been caught before, you have to play it cool’
  1416. >sis looks shocked
  1417. >’caught? But we were just playing games’
  1418. >sure sure
  1419. >I turn off GameCube
  1420. >we go downstairs
  1421. >I still remember to this day what dinner was
  1422. >fucking spinach lasagna
  1423. >a fucking nasty ass spinach lasagna kept my dick out of my sisters cunt
  1425. >spinach lasagna is probably my least favorite thing to eat so I opt out
  1426. >takes my ass to taco bell
  1427. >double deckers until I’m ready to run for the border
  1428. >im thinking outside the box
  1429. >also whatever that fucking chihuahua used to say
  1430. >get home sometime before 10
  1431. >shower again
  1432. >pass fingerbang sis in hall
  1433. >shes on her way to bed
  1434. >smiles and tells me goodnight
  1435. >push her against the wall as I walk by because I’m a big brother and that’s what we do
  1436. >go upstairs
  1437. >gamecube controllers still on the floor
  1438. >put them up and go to bed
  1439. >sleep sleep sleep
  1440. >wake up, go to work
  1441. >take my car because today if Friday payday
  1442. >that’s right I have a car
  1443. >little green 2000 Toyota Carola
  1444. >bought if off some bigger on Craigslist
  1445. >has no radio and the paint is peeling but so what it rubs fine
  1446. >work goes by, finally off, cash my check
  1447. >got a few hours of overtime this week so I have bank bank
  1448. >it’s Friday and I have a wallet full of cash
  1449. >go straight to the mall
  1450. >hang out at arcade until around 8ish
  1451. >friends are all there
  1452. >’yall mother fuckers wanna come back to my house tonight?’
  1453. >of course they do because I’m awesome, have every vidya imaginable and just got paid
  1454. >pick up half a dozen pizzas, various topping
  1455. >me and main three bros head to house
  1456. >plan is to have. Hell raiser marathon
  1457. >we do shit like this almost every weekend
  1459. >we make it to the house around 9ish
  1460. >littlest sibs are already in bed
  1461. >sis is still up
  1462. >sees me and friend guys headed to my room
  1463. >asks me what’s up
  1464. >tell her our plan, pizzas, movies, no sleep
  1465. >she asks if she can come up too
  1466. >mom overhears and says no, says sis has to bed soon
  1467. >fuck you mom you’re a bitch
  1468. >tell sis on the side to wait til mom drinks herself to sleep and come up
  1469. >I’ll stall the movie marathon for an hour or two with vidya, bros won’t mind
  1470. >sis gives me a hug and tells me I’m awesome
  1471. >I already know I’m awesome but ok thanks
  1472. >go upstairs and tell bros the situation
  1473. >bros are cool with it because they know my mom is a drunk bitch
  1474. >change into sleepwear
  1475. >red satin pajamas I got at jc Penny’s when they were on sale for $40
  1476. >+5 Charisma
  1477. >play Tekken for a while
  1478. >lower passes the stick
  1479. >bout an hour later, two pizzas gone, lights downstairs are off
  1480. >mom is down for the night
  1481. >put first movie in, sis better hurry her ass up
  1482. >I sit in comfy as fuck Mr beanie, two bro friends on bed, third bro friend in the computer chair by my computer desk
  1483. >im going to upgrade to an Alienware one day for real
  1484. >movie is start
  1485. >pinhead fucking shit up
  1486. >head a noise
  1487. >sis climbing stairs real slow
  1488. >she comes in room
  1489. >big ass tshirt on, probably booty shorts under it
  1490. >it’s one of my fucking shirts but whatever
  1491. >comes and sits down by me and partakes of pizza goodness
  1492. >have my big ass honkin windows unit tuned down to lowest setting
  1493. >fucking 64 degrees f
  1494. >the cold never bothered me anyway
  1495. >bothers sis
  1497. >tell a bed bro to toss me the throw blanket at the foot on the bed
  1498. >bed bro A complies
  1499. >give blanket to sis
  1500. >’thanks’
  1501. >movie time goes on
  1502. >hear a weird noise
  1503. >bed bro B is asleep, snoring
  1504. >it’s only 12:30 what the fuck?
  1505. >bed bro A looks at me
  1506. >I nod
  1507. >get up and creep over to by dresser quieter than a fart in church
  1508. >open up sock drawer
  1509. >have one special sock full of rice tied up
  1510. >toss it to bed bro A
  1511. >he takes aim
  1512. >WHAM
  1513. >destroys bed bro B’s doodads
  1514. >bed bro B awake, whating the fuck out
  1515. >we all are laughing, bed bro B mad cause he ‘had a long day’
  1516. >we call bs and go back to movie
  1517. >sis has taken this opportunity to claim Mr Beanie for her own
  1518. >oh hell no
  1519. >tell her to get up
  1520. >she pouts
  1521. >it’s not very effective
  1522. >I reach down and put her in her armpits
  1523. >it’s super effective
  1524. >critical hit
  1525. >wild sis fainted
  1526. >not really but she gets up
  1527. >so I sit down
  1528. >aaaand
  1529. >her ass, my lap, round three
  1530. >kind of thought bros might say something but no
  1531. >ok then
  1532. >focus on movie
  1533. >those two retard security guard twins getting twisted together
  1534. >sister has never seen the raiser of hell movies and says ‘gross’
  1536. >sister comments on how graphic this movie is
  1537. >they don’t make em like they used to do they?
  1538. >movie goes on for a little while
  1539. >sis in lap on Mr Beanie with blanket over us cause she’s cold
  1540. >no incidents to report
  1541. >zero lost man hours since yesterday
  1542. >then she starts
  1543. >I fucking knew she would
  1544. >she twists to one side
  1545. >twists to the other
  1546. >pretending like she’s just trying to get comfortable
  1547. >I whisper to her super quiet ‘stop trying to give me a fucking boner or I’ll make you leave’
  1548. >she doesn’t stop
  1549. >I don’t make her leave
  1550. >unfortunately my penis was laying to one side so I start getting that uncomfortable sideways boner
  1551. >fuck
  1552. >whisper ‘damnit stop’
  1553. >she whispers ‘make me’
  1554. >kind of mad but not really but need to straight my dick out
  1555. >whisper ‘sit up for a second’
  1556. >she stops and lifts her ass up an inch
  1557. >reach down there and realign my power converter belt
  1558. >much better
  1559. >sis sits back down behind I pull my hand out from under her
  1560. >hand facing down so I don’t have a handful of ass but when I pull it back it pulls her shirt up her back a lite
  1561. >remember when I said I though she was wearing shorts under there?
  1562. >nope
  1563. >lime green panties from earlier
  1564. >she is grinding her panty glad ass against me
  1565. >very slow, but my dick knows
  1566. >dick is diamonds
  1567. >I could put my dick on a ring and propose to a girl with it
  1568. >she knows
  1569. >I ask her again to stop
  1570. >she leans back and whispers ‘I can’t help it’
  1571. >’well you need to help it’
  1572. >sis says ‘I haven’t been able to cum since, you know’
  1573. >no one can see me roll my eyes in the dark
  1574. >’fine’
  1575. >I can feel her smiles
  1576. >’but be fucking quiet ok?’
  1578. >I have wanked secretly in the presence of bros before
  1579. >it’s my room anyway so what of it
  1580. >but this
  1581. >this is extremely
  1582. >cranky that sis is being so annoying about it
  1583. >but excited
  1584. >that oh shit adrenaline you get when you’re thinking about doing something you know is wrong
  1585. >haven’t helped this pumped since the time my gf’s parents almost caught me sneaking in her window one night and I spent two hours weaving between houses hiding from the cops they called
  1586. >they didn’t catch me because I’m awesome
  1587. >but man that blood rush
  1588. >run my right hand across her
  1589. >slowly now
  1590. >decide not to go in from the top this time, too obvious
  1591. >aides my hand across the inside of her thigh
  1592. >she has nice legs for a 12yo
  1593. >slides my fingers in her panties from the side
  1594. >she hasn’t made a sound
  1595. >but I notice an obvious bulge in her crotch region under the blanket
  1596. >well fuck
  1597. >bros don’t notice, to fixated on pinhead
  1598. >im trying to get my little sister off and they don’t notice
  1599. >they’re the pinheads
  1600. >whisper to sis ‘pull one of your legs up’
  1601. >she nods
  1602. >bends her right knee up a little making the blanket tent up
  1603. >good job sis
  1604. >run my hand under her lifted leg
  1605. >better access
  1606. >run my index and middles finger up and down that soft little area between leg and crotch along the side of her panties
  1607. >shes being quiet but I can feel her breathing harder
  1608. >kind of playing at the rim of her panties with my fingers tips
  1609. >finally push them down against her flesh enough to get then under the edge of her undies
  1610. >run my finger along her slit
  1611. >well, I’m gonna finger my sister
  1612. >again
  1614. >my fingers are hovering over my little sister’s pussy
  1615. >im gonna play with her a little first
  1616. >I use my middle finger to pull her pussy lip to the side a little and spread her open
  1617. >rubbing around her pussy with my pointer
  1618. >rubbing my finger up and down between her lips
  1619. >kind of play with the little lab flaps she has at the top of her cunt
  1620. >not too meaty but doesn’t look like a baby either
  1621. >not like a baby at 12
  1622. >im a terrible person I know but fuck you you’re the one reading it and jacking off
  1623. >when I rub my finger up between her flaplettes she gasps and jerk
  1624. >I freeze
  1625. >no one noticed
  1626. >I think I just found the clit
  1627. >chef told me you had to find the clitoris
  1628. >we’ve got to save the children
  1629. >I start rubbing again
  1630. >I push her button again
  1631. >same response
  1632. >took me ages to figure out how to hit the clit with my gf
  1633. >find it by accident with my sister
  1634. >whatever
  1635. >god damnit my dick is so fucking hard though
  1636. >if superman kicked my dick right no he’d break his fucking toes
  1637. >I decide to spend a little more time playing with her love nub before making my way down
  1638. >in I go
  1639. >she melts in my lap and quietly goes ‘ooh’
  1640. >that sound of satisfaction when you have that first cool drink on a hot summer day
  1641. >or when you’re an underage nymph and you’re brother starts fingering you
  1642. >same thing
  1643. >I run my finger all the way in and give her the coochy coochy coo move one time
  1644. >I feel her legs stiffen
  1645. >shes grabbing my right with her hands
  1646. >grip of death
  1647. >the walls of her pussy are giving my finger one hell of a message
  1648. >did she just have a minigasm?
  1649. >oh well I’m not stopping
  1651. >I wait until she stop contracting as much before I continue
  1652. >giving it to her slowly and steady
  1653. >shes not complaining
  1654. >on the contrary
  1655. >she leans back and coos ‘thank you’
  1656. >coo is a funny word
  1657. >what is she, a fucking pidgeon?
  1658. >coo
  1659. >whisper back ‘you better be fucking happy’
  1660. >’why?’
  1661. >’because I’m so fucking hard right now and I can’t do a damn thing with it’
  1662. >she pushes down and says ‘you have two hands’
  1663. >genius
  1664. >I do
  1665. >lefty to the rescue
  1666. >tag out righty
  1667. >reach across with my left hand
  1668. >new plan
  1669. >instead of going under the edge of her panties I reach across her crotch to the right side and pull them back over to the left
  1670. >pussy exposed under the blanket
  1671. >I quick switch fingers and keep the same pace
  1672. >right hands still under her bent leg
  1673. >fooling around the button on my pajamas
  1674. >hard to unbutton with one hard but desperation breeds ingenuity and in succeed
  1675. >my dick id free
  1676. >he springs to life like.. a spring
  1677. >pops up and my head slaps her cunt
  1678. >she gasps and then kind of elbows me
  1679. >’my bad’
  1680. >’you just surprised me’
  1681. >I grab my beast with my right hand
  1682. >I am your master
  1683. >working her slow with one hand
  1684. >working me slow with the other
  1685. >oh my god feels so good
  1687. >fingering sis a impulse speed
  1688. >dick too
  1689. >movie is over
  1690. >oh fuck fuck
  1691. >computer desk bro says ‘I got it’
  1692. >im not fucking moving
  1693. >at this exact moment in time I have obtain complete domination over the molecular structure of my entire being
  1694. >ever atom in my body is on pause
  1695. >computer bro fumbles with dvd cases until he finds the next movie
  1696. >third movie
  1697. >gets it in and sits back down
  1698. >everything’s good
  1699. >says ‘how you holding up, Columns sis?’
  1700. >the fuck are you doing man?
  1701. >She’s cool though
  1702. >shrugs ‘it’s ok. The monsters aren’t all that scary though’
  1703. >computer bro chuckles
  1704. >oblivious
  1705. >movie starts
  1706. >deactivate stealth mode and resume course
  1707. >kind of just slow finger slow stroke for half the movie
  1708. >sis doesn’t complain
  1709. >ends up matching rhythm with her hips
  1710. >oh man I need to cum
  1711. >so does she
  1712. >think a change my be good
  1713. >pull finger out and slide it up over her clit
  1714. >good move
  1715. >she jerks and pushes her hips forward
  1716. >almost a little top much
  1717. >she bumps my dick with her crotch
  1718. >her pussy literally gives the head of my penis a kiss
  1719. >only for a brief second
  1720. >god enough for me
  1721. >smiling to self ‘you like that?’
  1722. >she nods and make uh huh noise
  1723. >’good’
  1725. >she seems a little surprised
  1726. >twinge of genuine worry in her voice ‘what, why?’
  1727. >I scoot back in Mr Beanie a few inches
  1728. >shifts her to exactly the right angle
  1729. >still rubbing around her erogenius zone and stroking my cock
  1730. >when I stroke up I pull my dick back and rub the head across her pussy
  1731. >rubbing my dick between her pussy lips
  1732. >she gasps and reaches down
  1733. >get her hand under my dick and cups her cunt
  1734. >’column bro, you can’t put it in’
  1735. >actually wasn’t trying to
  1736. >’I’m not going to’
  1737. >shes not convinced
  1738. >’I’m just rubbing it calm down’
  1739. >she is hesitant but moves her hand
  1740. >her crotch hugs my dick again
  1741. >I whisper ‘it feels good though doesn’t it?’
  1742. >she uh huhs
  1743. >I’m making little slow circles on her clit
  1744. >im rubbing the head of my peen against her folds
  1745. >shes slowly grinding
  1746. >pinhead is killing some fucker
  1747. >bed bro is asleep again
  1748. >im getting close
  1749. >so is she
  1750. >haven’t even though about where to cum yet
  1751. >she starts grabbing at my pj’s again
  1752. >captain, she can’t take much more of this
  1753. >she swallows very hard and takes a deep breath
  1754. >fuck a can feel jizz coming up my pipes
  1755. >it’s going to be one of those slows but hard ones
  1756. >shes getting ready to pop too
  1757. >oh Jesus Christ I hope she’s not gonna be loud of spaz out
  1758. >too late to stop now there
  1759. >here goes nothing
  1760. >here goes everything
  1762. >my ears actually hurt from wanting to cum so bad
  1763. >im not rubbing her clit as much anymore but I’m rubbing my dick and sliding the head up and down her slit
  1764. >shes digging her fingers into my legs
  1765. >whispers so quiet I can barely even hear her
  1766. >’don’t put it I’m me Column, not in me’
  1767. >shes pushing her hips at my dick
  1768. >im done
  1769. >I cum like a mother fucker
  1770. >she pushes down and mashes her pussy against my dick
  1771. >oh fuck am I cumming in her?
  1772. >head of penis is between her swollen lips but not in her in her
  1773. >still cum a gallon
  1774. >sister is all tense for a solid minute
  1775. >im surprised and glad she didn’t scream or something
  1776. >shes breathing as hard as a land whale on a tread mill though
  1777. >she finally comes to some ehat
  1778. >she starts moving her hips up and down
  1779. >sliding her cum soaked pussy over my cum soaked dick
  1780. >still didn’t fuck her though
  1781. >I can feel my own cum running down the shaft of my dick on my fingers
  1782. >gross
  1783. >this is the part where we should stop and get cleaned up
  1784. >nope
  1785. >I use my left hand to pull her panties back over her crotch
  1786. >my dick is still resting on/in her lips
  1787. >fuck it, panties over my dick too
  1788. >she notices what I did and kind of giggles quietly
  1789. >I can feel cum soaking into her panties instantly
  1790. >how much did I cum?
  1791. >how much did I cum inside her?
  1792. >don’t care
  1793. >she doesn’t either
  1794. >this girl
  1795. >sit like that for another twenty minutes until the movies ends
  1796. >as credits roll she says she’s had enough for one night
  1797. >she starts to get up and I tuck my dick back down into my pjs
  1798. >she leaves with my blanket still wrapped around her
  1799. >turns around when she gets to the door and says ‘thanks Column, I had fun. Night!’
  1800. >’anytime sis’
  1801. >room is dark
  1802. >good because huge cum puddle in my lap
  1804. >the rest of the night was uneventful
  1805. >me and bros fall asleep one by one
  1806. >we don’t finish all the movies because we are weak willed pansies
  1807. >next morning we wake up
  1808. >not really morning, closer to noon
  1809. >me and bros eat cold over night and play some vidya
  1810. >eventually though, bros go home
  1811. >go downstairs after bros leave and find out family has been gone all morning
  1812. >some thing downtown I don’t know
  1813. >house to myself
  1814. >or so I think
  1815. >’good morning Column’
  1816. >sis is home
  1817. >long tshirt still on
  1818. >I changes out of satin bottoms into regular cotton pj’s because of the big jizz stain from earlier
  1819. >it’s almost 2pm
  1820. >’good morning sis’
  1821. >’how did you sleep?’
  1822. >I shrug
  1823. >’sleep is for the weak’
  1824. >I must be weak because I slept like death
  1825. >’really? I thought I was going to pass out last night’
  1826. >I smile ‘I ber’
  1827. >she doesn’t think I’m being sincere
  1828. >’no really, I was barely even able to clean up, uh, you know what’
  1829. >oh yea
  1830. >’hey, sis, about that, i-‘
  1831. >’you came a lot again’
  1832. >I did didn’t i?
  1833. >she goes on ‘it was all over my, uh, down there. I think some went in.’
  1834. >fuck
  1835. >’really?’
  1836. >she grins ‘really. Isn’t that gross? You got cum IN me. I didn’t know how to get it out so I just left it in’
  1837. >she is so fucking cheerful
  1838. >if ingot a drop of cum within a foot of my gfs pussy she’d ban me from sex for a month
  1839. >but my sister thinks it’s a fucking game
  1840. >’sis, we need to talk’
  1841. >’ok cool, cause I had some questions..’
  1842. >she grabs my hand
  1843. >’I didn’t want to come up until everyone left, let’s go!’
  1845. >my sister leads me to the staircase up to my room and starts up
  1846. >im right behind her
  1847. >behind and under
  1848. >look up
  1849. >shes not wearing anything under her shirt
  1850. >im not kidding, I almost trip and fall as I am distracted by the sight of her perfect little pussy stating at me, her ass cheeks bouncing with every step
  1851. >I have seen some stuff in my days but let me tell you this one experience is burned into my mind for life
  1852. >only lasts for two seconds as my sister is a stair master and reaches the top soon
  1853. >I have close behind
  1854. >we go into my room
  1855. >pizza boxes on the floor
  1856. >’sorry about the mess’
  1857. >she shrugs ‘I have didn’t mind, it was fun’
  1858. >I mean the pizza boxes you ditsy loon not your pussy
  1859. >’uh, so, anyways, what did you want to ask me’
  1860. >she sits on Mr Beanie
  1861. >not even gonna ask her to move this time
  1862. >she sits there and drums her fingers on her knees
  1863. >’well.. what do we do now?’
  1864. >that’s what I’d like to know
  1865. >but I play along ‘about what exactly’
  1866. ‘duh, about me being pregnant’
  1867. >you’ve seen the old cartoons where the spit out the mouthful of drink everywhere? If I’d had something to drink I would have done just that
  1868. >’what??’
  1869. >’well, you’re cum got inside me so I’m pregnant now right?’
  1870. >for the love of my heathen gods in Apu’s voice
  1871. >’I, uh..’
  1872. >’yea that’s what I heard’ sis tilts her head ‘when a girl gets a guys, you know, your cum, when it goes in her, she gets pregnant. I was sure about it Wednesday, I think you put some in with your finger, buy last night I known some went in’
  1873. >I didn’t think she noticed what I did that time
  1874. >’look, um, I don’t think.. I mean, you might have got a little in you, but I don’t think you’ll get pregnant’
  1875. >I fucking hope not
  1876. >sis isn’t convinced ‘but that’s how it works right? you get your cum inside of me and I get pregnant?’
  1877. >please stop saying it
  1878. >please
  1880. >im trying to convince my little sister that I didn’t knock her up
  1881. >im not even one hundred percent sure I didn’t
  1882. >OogyBoogy will be so disappointed in me if I did
  1883. >im smart but I’m not a fucking biology expect but I still try to explain
  1884. >’it has to go all the way in though, it’s different’
  1885. >’how? In is in isn’t it?’
  1886. >I slouch my shoulders ‘yea but I don’t think a few drops is enough to get someone pregnant’
  1887. >she talks through a laugh ‘it was way more then a few drops Column’
  1888. >my dick twitches
  1889. >you stay the fuck down
  1890. >I look up at her
  1891. >shes got that nose crinkling grin again
  1892. >’it was sooo wet down there, you should have seen it. your cum was everywhere! When I took off my panties it just dripped on the floor. It was sooo gross’
  1893. >that’s odd because she doesn’t sound grosses out
  1894. >’I had to throw them away you know’
  1895. >im caught off guard, trying not to imagine my cum dripping out of my own sisters twat
  1896. >‘what?’
  1897. >’my panties, Column, you ruined them. You got so much cum in them I had to throw them away
  1898. You should have seen how messy they were’
  1899. >I feel a sudden pang of disappointment
  1900. >one of my biggest dreams is just to nut all in a girl and watch it run out of her
  1901. >this is the day before you could just watch a two minute clips on your computer or phone
  1902. >seeing the real things is my dream, and I missed out on my chance to
  1903. >’yea, I wish I hadve seen that. Sounds hot’
  1904. >she curls her lip a little ‘that’s hot?’
  1905. >I sigh and spend the next few minutes explaining to her what I just typed
  1906. >’so you have a “creampie fetish”?’
  1907. >I nod
  1908. >’you actually WANT to see your stuff inside me?’
  1910. >I say yea without thinking
  1911. >I mean I want to see my cum in any got cunt, not just hers in particular, but yea
  1912. >she giggles ‘I think I have a creampie fetish too’
  1913. >I look at her crazy because two minutes ago she didn’t even know what the fuck a fetish even was
  1914. >’having some of your cum inside of me wasn’t THAT bad, as long as I’m not pregnant’
  1915. >oh fuck I forgot, I fucking hope she isnt
  1916. >’so do you really want to see you cum inside me’
  1917. >what the fuck is she talking about
  1918. >’you can just cum on me again if you want, you know’
  1919. >chimichangas
  1921. >some people call me Columnfag
  1922. >im just a regular 18yo guy at the moment
  1923. >I spend my time playing vidya, going to the mall, and hanging with my bros
  1924. >I’d like to think I’m a pretty average guy all in all
  1925. >and my super cute little sister just offered to be my cum dumpster
  1926. >seriously
  1927. >’I mean it, you can cum on my, uh, you know, if you want to I mean’
  1928. >shes not saying it like a porn star
  1929. >shes saying it like a regular, normal girl
  1930. >and that’s what makes it hotter than fuck
  1931. >and that’s what makes my poker twitch again
  1932. >no dick no
  1933. >’sis I don’t think that’s such a good idea’
  1934. >she looks down at her hands on her knees, seems genuinely distressed
  1935. >’Column, do you think.. do you think I’m a bad person?’
  1936. >emotional trip, what the what?
  1937. >’what, no, you’re like the most non bad person I know’
  1938. >im not exactly lying either, I’ve always like this sibling best
  1939. >shes nice and smart and cute as a button, she isn’t a scene girl or a brat, she’s in band and does her homework, makes As and Bs and until recently I thought she didn’t know what I dick even was, she’s the shining example of a good girl
  1940. >and she just told me I could cum on her if I wanted to
  1941. >that’s kind of wrong I guess
  1942. >guess that just dawned on her as well
  1943. >’but.. Column..’
  1944. >I let her find her words
  1945. >’I had your stuff in me and I liked it, isn’t that.. weird?’
  1946. >I take a deep breath, what do I even say?
  1947. >I have been standing this whole time so I walk over beside her and sit down on the floor
  1948. >’look.. you’re at that age where, well.. you’re growing up, part of growing up is figuring out what you like and don’t like, what you’re ok with’
  1949. >shes looking at me, her brown eyes behind those glasses
  1950. >’like you know, food, you don’t always know what you like right away, sometimes you try things you don’t like, but you never know, right?’
  1951. >’Column?’
  1952. >’yea?’
  1953. >’that was a terrible analogy’
  1954. >she laughs
  1955. >I laugh
  1956. >the toaster laughs
  1957. >decepticon
  1959. >we have our laugh and then sit there in awkward silence for a minute
  1960. >she breaks the ice
  1961. >’I really mean it’
  1962. >what
  1963. >she shrugs, smiles sheepishly and looks down
  1964. >’if you want to come on me down there again you can, I don’t mind’
  1965. >why is she so caught up on that
  1966. >’why would I want to do that though?’
  1967. >she is confused ‘you said you had a “creampie fetish” right?’
  1968. >’yea but that doesn’t mean-‘
  1969. >’well you missed a creamed pie last night and maybe you want to make up for it?’
  1970. >makes sense
  1971. >no it doesn’t by to my dick it does
  1972. >’Column?’
  1973. >what now ‘yea?’
  1974. >she tunes her body in my direction, since I’m on the floor my head is eye level with her waist area
  1975. >’I’m not wearing any underwear’
  1976. >she crinkled her nose again and acts like she pries her knees apart with her hands
  1977. >I knew she wasn’t already but had forgotten
  1978. >I’m reminded now
  1979. >have in told you guys that she had a great looking cunt, very visually asthetic?
  1980. >but I roll my eyes and play it off anyway
  1981. >she whines ‘oh come on, you like it, don’t you?’
  1982. >I give her a half hearted meh and start to get up
  1983. >she whines again ‘oh pleeease’
  1984. >she leans back all the way across Mr Beanie with her arms and head almost touching the ground on the other side
  1985. >I never knew she was so flexible
  1986. >’please please please or I’ll neve stop bugging yooou’
  1987. >’I couldn’t right now even if I wanted to’
  1988. >she sits up ‘is it because you’re not hard?’
  1989. >I actually am halfing it at the moment, but that’s not ehy
  1990. >’no its because..’ because I have busted two huge nuts recently and I’m tired
  1991. >she cuts me off with ’oh come oooon’
  1992. >she leans back a little and pulls her shirt up showing her crotch ‘you know you want to’
  1993. >I shouldn’t want to but yes I do
  1994. >she knows I do, she has that smile again ‘I’m telling you you can come on it if you want to’
  1995. >you know what, fine
  1997. >my sister is offering to let me cum on her pussy
  1998. >she has a point though
  1999. >I did miss out last night
  2000. >so I’m going to take her up on her offer
  2001. >keep in my I don’t really want to have sex with my sister, but I’m eighteen and horny, and thanks to her I can’t stop picturing that fat little pound cake of hers covered with my powdered sugar
  2002. >shes still on Mr Beanie saying please please please
  2003. >not like a whore but like a little sister trying to bug her brother into doing something
  2004. >she IS a little sister trying to bug her brother into doing something
  2005. >the something just happens to be pulling out my dick and spilling my seed all over her underage pussy
  2006. >no big deal right?
  2007. >’ok’
  2008. >she immediately stops whining ‘really?’
  2009. >typical brother reply ‘no not really I was lying, yes really, jeez’
  2010. >she smiles that toothy grin ‘sooo.. how do we do this?’
  2011. >I hadn’t really though this through
  2012. >’I, uh, don’t know’
  2013. >’you want me to bed on the bed?’
  2014. >I shrug nod, probably a good start, don’t want to stain Mr Beanie if I cum like I have the last two times
  2015. >she gets off of my super deluxe beanie bag chair of comfiness and walks over to my bed
  2016. >she pulls off this over the shoulder roll onto my bed
  2017. >it’s cute but she over shoots it and her legs hits the wall behind my bed
  2018. >I laugh at her and she starts to giggle
  2019. >shes laying across my bed on her back with her head laying over the side facing me and her legs sprawled up my wall
  2020. >I take two steps and I’m at my bed
  2021. >she looks up at me as I reach across her, her face is turning red from blood rushing to it I think, could from from embaressment, who knows
  2022. >I reach down and grab the bottom of her shirt and pull it towards me, which is up her body
  2023. >pull it way up
  2025. >she makes an ‘ack’ noise and starts flailing
  2026. >she still on her back, the shirts pulled over her face, she’s totally exposed
  2027. >flat stomach, nice waist to hip ratio, and, wow, there are actually some boobs down there
  2028. >but she’s still part of the itty bitty titty committee
  2029. >se trying to pull the shirt back down while she bicycle kicks the air with her legs
  2030. >can’t get the shirt down because I’m still holding it
  2031. >reach over with my free hand and twist her nipple
  2032. >not like sexy twist your nipple like purple nurple twisting it
  2033. >my sister is 80% naked on my bed and I still see her more as a little sister then as a naked body
  2034. >sigh
  2035. >I still plan to cum on her though
  2037. >shes still struggling to pull her shirt back down
  2038. >im wrenching her nipple between my thumb and finger
  2039. >im trying to pull that little pink fucker off her chest
  2040. >she is blindly slapping at my arm saying ‘ow ow cut that out’
  2041. >of course I don’t
  2042. >she gets smart
  2043. >instead of trying to pull the shirt down, she outs her hands on the mattress and pushes away, towards the wall
  2044. >her hair pops out from under the bottom of the shirt I’m still holding
  2045. >manages to pull herself free from my ultimate nip ripper
  2046. >she rolls over so that she’s on her knees now and says a triumphant ‘ha!’
  2047. >im holding the tshirt in my hand and eyeing her
  2048. >she hasn’t noticed yet
  2049. >suddenly she does
  2050. >shes buck ass naked
  2051. >one nipple is significantly redder then the other
  2052. >not really what I’d call a “sexy” body, but she has a perfect hip to waste ratio and her shoulders aren’t too wide
  2053. >I can’t get into chicks with man shoulders, sorry
  2054. >she eeps and crosses her arms over her chest
  2055. >what are you trying to hide you barely even have any tits
  2056. >she giggles covering herself
  2057. >’give it back Column’
  2058. >I hold the shirt up ‘oh, you mean this?’
  2059. >I toss it across the room, it lands near my computer desk
  2060. >I say ‘fetch’
  2061. >she smirks ‘I’m not a dog you know’
  2062. >I shrug ‘I don’t know, maybe I’ll get you a collar’
  2063. >she says woof and sticks her tongue out at me
  2064. >oh my god what why does that make my weeble wobble?
  2065. >weebles wobble but they don’t fall down
  2066. >’show me your tits, sis’
  2067. >’what, no!’
  2068. >I put my hands on my hips ‘you want to do this? you have to turn me on. now let’s see em’
  2069. >she uncrosses her arms for half a second and then covers her little bits with her hands
  2070. >’there’
  2071. >I pull my pajama pants out a little and look down, shake my head
  2072. >’nah, not good enough’
  2073. >lies, my dick is hard as fuck
  2075. >I let my pajamas slap back and out my hand on my chin like im deep in thought
  2076. >’guess we’ll have to figure something else out’
  2077. >she grabs a pillow and holds it in front of her body and crosses her legs
  2078. >’anything I can do to help?’
  2079. >I shrug and shake my head
  2080. >’you could always suck it if you’re that worried about it’
  2081. >she shakes her head and goes blech and says no thanks
  2082. >’well then I can go down on you’
  2083. >’wait, you mean like, you lick me.. down there?’
  2084. >I give her a yup
  2085. >she doesn’t immediately say know, but she looks down at herself from behind the pillow for a second and offers a very hesitant ‘uuh, no, I don’t know if I want you to.. I don’t think.. that’s gross.’
  2086. >well what the fuck then we’re just sitting here
  2087. >one last idea
  2088. >’you could hotdog me again’
  2089. >she does that head pull back things ditsy girls do when you say something that goes over their heads
  2090. >’you want me to fix you a hotdog? now?’
  2091. >no no no
  2092. >’no, not I want to EAT a hotdog, I want you to.. hot-dogging is when a girl, uh.. when you take a guys penis, and you kind of slide it up and down between your legs.. like a hot dog in a bun, see?’
  2093. >I make an example by holing up one had with a closed fist and using my other hand held flat to sort of saw between my middle and ring finger knuckles
  2094. >’you want to stick it in me?’
  2095. >I shake my head
  2096. >’no it doesn’t go in, you just kind of rub, it’s what we did last night and it worked’
  2097. >’you were rubbing you thing against me down there last night?’ she couldn’t tell?
  2098. >I slow nod
  2099. >’eww, I thought that was young finger!’
  2100. >I simply say nope
  2101. >she scrunches up her nose again ‘so that’s why your stuff was inside me. Gross.’
  2103. >’wait, I thought you said you liked it?’
  2104. >she smiles ‘yea, I did. but it was still gross.’
  2105. >’yea?’
  2106. >she nods and has that nose crinkle smiles, I’m just going to refer to it at HER smile from now on
  2107. >’yea, you really filled me up Column’
  2108. >oh fuck don’t tell me shit like that
  2109. >shes just saying it like she’s telling me about her favorite show
  2110. >she giggles
  2111. >I ask her what
  2112. >’I was just thinking that it’d be gross if you got it in me again’
  2113. >I look at her like what what ‘gross, but you liked it’
  2114. >gives me HER look ‘yea, I kind of did’
  2116. >my dick is starting to get that play with me I’m so fucking hard pain
  2117. >she is taking my one biggest fetishes and talking about like it’s no big deal
  2118. >my penis doesn’t register that she’s my sister
  2119. >my penis doesn’t register that she’s only twelve
  2120. >all my penis can think about is..
  2121. >’ok, let’s hotdog’
  2122. >she breaks my concentration
  2123. >I have never heard a girl use that line before, never heard a female says ‘let’s hotdog’
  2124. >it’s kind of funny to hear it said out loud
  2125. >I chuckle ‘yea ok, lets hordog’
  2126. >’do you like your hotdogs roasted or boiled?’
  2127. >what the fuck kind of question is that to ask at a time like this?
  2128. >the kind that she would ask because that’s how she is
  2129. >’roasted’ I can’t stand a boiled hotdog ‘but I’d let you boil my wiener if you wanted to’
  2130. >she brings her knees up to her chest and wraps her arms around then ‘haha Column, you’re nasty’
  2131. >so are you, if you haven’t noticed
  2132. >I sit down on the edge of my bed and scoot myself back so that I’m against the wall beside her
  2133. >pop open the button on my pajamas
  2134. >it’s like 2 in the afternoon and I’m still wearing pajamas
  2135. >why is that what I’m worried about right now?
  2136. >I reach past the layers of fabric and draw out my ultimate weapon
  2137. >my peen isn’t playing around
  2138. >’wow Column, you’re already so hard’
  2139. >’yea, well..’ I guess hearing about you little sister talking about your spunk dripping out of her tank will do that, but I don’t know because it’s not like I do this all the time
  2140. >’can you cum already?’
  2141. >im kind of just bouncing my dick in my hand, not really jacking off, just keeping it up
  2142. >’no, it doesn’t work like that’
  2143. >’you get hard and cum, I thoughts that’s how those things work’
  2145. >lay my head back against the wall ‘it’s not that simple. It has to be hard to cum, but it doesn’t happen right away, if it did, it wouldn’t be any fun’
  2146. >she nods ‘yea, I guess you’re right’
  2147. >like she knows anything about it
  2148. >’how long does it usually take?’
  2149. >now I’m passing my dick from one hand to the other ‘sometimes just a few minutes. sometimes more. It depends on the situation I guess. I can go for a while with a condom on, but bareback, I only last a few minutes tops.’
  2151. >’wow, what’s the longest you’ve ever, you know.. Done it?’
  2152. >that’s not a question any brother ever expects his sister to ask
  2153. >I shrug and give her the most general answer ‘a while’
  2154. >longest I’ve gone at this point is probably half an hour
  2155. >im only 18 what do you expect?
  2156. >’oh, we don’t have “a while”’
  2157. >I shoot her an inquisitive look
  2158. >she explains ‘mom and dad will only be in town until 3’
  2159. >’where did they go?’
  2160. >she looks at me like I’m retarded ‘duh, they’re helping get set up for vbs at church’
  2161. >I should mention that my family is a big faux religious family
  2162. >church every Sunday, prayer meetings on Wednesday, help with every even, but sin the like devil after words
  2163. >I guess I’m not really in a position to judge
  2164. >’oh yea, I forgot about that. Why didn’t you go?’
  2165. >she leans in close to me and whispers with a smile on her face ‘because I had a headache’
  2166. >I bet
  2167. >I jump because I feel something on my wiener
  2168. >when I look down I see her hand on it
  2169. >shes not really doing anything with it but I wasn’t expecting her to grab it
  2170. >she much be the yellow pages
  2171. >cause she just reached out and touched somebody
  2172. >touched MY somebody
  2173. >’come on, make it .. you know’
  2174. >I take a breath before I say ‘ok, if we’re going to do this, let’s do it’
  2175. >she grins her grin ‘ok! What do I need to do?’
  2176. >stop trying to get your brother off and be a normal fucking 12yo how about?
  2177. >no? ok, next best thing then
  2178. >I make circling motion with my hand and say ‘um, turn around and just.. here, just kind of, uh, sit on it’
  2179. >she he turns forward a little with her back to me and lifts her left leg a little, moving it across my lap and moving over me (she was sitting to the right of me)
  2180. >she still have her hand on my wiener, she pushes it down and uses her other hand to stabilize herself by holding my leg as she squats down over my dick
  2181. >she looks back at me over her should with a genuinely curious look ‘like this?’
  2183. >actually, it’s pretty uncomfortable
  2184. >’hang on, let me just..’ I push against the wall behind me with my shoulders and push my lower body out a little more, sliding my back down the wall a little
  2185. >im in the half laying position propped up against the wall and my elbows
  2186. >shes still in a squat with her knees in the air
  2187. >’wait here try this’ I grab her right ankle and pull it back a little, making her go down to her knee
  2188. >shes a smart girl so she figures it out and gets down on her other knee as well
  2189. >much better
  2190. >she let’s herself sink down into my lap and leans back against me
  2191. >’that looks so weird’ she says
  2192. >I look over her shoulder
  2193. >past her barely budding breasts and flat stomach, I can see his little pube shrub, sticking about an inch or two out from under her crotch it the swollen head of my wiener
  2194. >it does kind of look funny, like my sister has a short but very fat cocktail
  2195. >the thought of my sister with a dick is even worse then the thought of my sister on MY dick
  2196. >she pipes up in her enthusiastic voice ‘ok, let’s cook this dog!’
  2197. >she giggle at her own joke
  2198. >Meh, 4/10, not that funny, but I go with it
  2199. >’and how would you like it?’
  2200. >’hmm.. mustard I think, and onions’
  2201. >’don’t forget the relish’
  2202. >she shrunches up her face ‘ew, no, I hate relish’
  2203. >I do too, actually
  2204. >’ok, well.. um.. just kind of slide forward and backward, go slow at first, ok?’
  2205. >don’t want to get rug burn on a dry dick
  2206. >she nods and complies, let’s go of my dick with stays firmly beneath her crotch and puts both her hands on my hips before she starts moving
  2207. >she slide forward until the head of my dick just disappears under her then scoots back until she’s pressed her ass firmly against me, back and forth, real slow
  2208. >my sister is totally pussy sliding on my dick
  2209. >she watches my penis play peekaboo for a second before she lays her head back and asks ‘am I doing it right?’
  2210. >I nod ‘you’re doing fantastic’
  2211. >I say it like im teaching her to ride a bike
  2212. >im teaching her to ride my cock
  2214. >my hands are free so I place them on her hips
  2215. >12yo girls shouldn’t have hips like this but she does
  2216. >not like full blown childbearing milf hips, but certainly not bony
  2217. >shit feels absolutely amazing but she’s going to slow so I can up speed her up with a little push pull action
  2218. >ok now she’s got it, perfect speed
  2219. >im watching her face as she grinds
  2220. >shes switching between biting her lip and taking big open mouth breaths while keep her eyes closed
  2221. >not squinched tightly, but barely closed like she’s focused on something
  2222. >focused on my dick
  2223. >im kind of getting into things myself
  2224. >this isn’t so bad
  2225. >we’re just fooling around, it’s not like we’re actually having sex
  2226. >stop rationalizing it you sick fuck
  2227. >sick fuck
  2228. >fuck
  2229. >fuck she’s good at this
  2230. >I slide my hands up her sides, past the little ripples her ribs make in the sides of her chest
  2231. >I cup my hands over her little breasts
  2232. >luckily, I was never really a boob guy
  2233. >ass hips and legs for me
  2234. >actually
  2235. >my sister is built just the way a like my women
  2236. >her little milk bags are so soft
  2237. >she makes a little noise as I fondle then
  2238. >I wonder if she’s ever player with her own boobs
  2239. >why would she, when she can just get me to
  2240. >I wonder give them both one last squeeze and run my thumbs over her nipple
  2241. >a little gasp escapes her mouth
  2242. >oh, you like that, do you?
  2243. >I get my fingers over her perky little nips
  2244. >and give them a pinch
  2245. >wrong move, buddy
  2247. >her eyes pop open and she makes this weird ‘ack’ noise
  2248. >she grabs my hands and pull them away from her chest
  2249. >she drives her right elbow into my ribs and says ‘that hurt!’
  2250. >’s..sorry’
  2251. >she exhales very audibly and says ‘just don’t do it again’
  2252. >’ok, ok..’
  2253. >just keep working my cunt
  2254. >it’s like she’s trying to sharpen her pussy and my dick is the whetstone
  2255. >if you’ve never sharpened a knife on a whetstone then you’re not a man
  2256. >you’re a little baby manlette faggot
  2257. >go ask your dad how to show you how to do it
  2258. >right now
  2259. >anyways
  2260. >she leans forward while she’s working it and lays her hands on my knees
  2261. >oh, this is nice
  2262. >im getting way more vag on the dick and not so much ass now
  2263. >can’t see it anymore but it feels sooo much better
  2264. >but what I CAN see is that ass
  2265. >damn, it’s almost as wide as me
  2266. >and round
  2267. >and soft
  2268. >but firm at the same time
  2269. >how is that even possible?
  2270. >my hands go to her butt on their own
  2271. >nice handfuls of ass
  2272. >I push her forward while she rocks and she pushes back against me
  2273. >im speeding her up a little more again, but it doesn’t make much convincing
  2274. >when she goes on her forward slide, as I push I kind of spread her ass a little
  2275. >a little more each time until her butt hole is winking at me
  2276. >I’ve never really been a butt hole guy, and my gf is super sensation about subject and won’t let me see hers
  2277. >she probably has heroids or something
  2278. >but my sister doesn’t
  2279. >I’ve not a butt hole guy, but I could be
  2280. >but not right this second
  2281. >I remember her reaction to the nipple play and worry about how she might react if I touch her butt hole
  2282. >I let this dragon sleep for now
  2284. >shes sliding back and forth pretty fast now
  2285. >I can hear her vag making a wet slapping noise as she grinds away
  2286. >not loud enough to be gross, I don’t really care loud overly loud sloppy sex
  2287. >precumming like a sunuvabich
  2288. >you know how even when a hose is off, but it still has water in it, snd you move it, how some of the water spurts out?
  2289. >that’s what my dick is doing
  2290. >I am seriously about have a dozen more strokes from loosing it
  2291. >5
  2292. >4
  2293. >3
  2294. >2
  2295. >2
  2296. >2…
  2297. >what the fuck
  2298. >she stopped
  2299. >shes breathing heavy but says ‘wait, column’
  2300. >’is something wrong?’ bitch you better not be having second thoughts now
  2301. >she sits up again and touching the head of my penis with her finger
  2302. >sends a lighting bolt through me I’m so sensitive
  2303. >notices the slight ejaculate already leaking out
  2304. >they are the scouts for the main forces waiting in my balls for the signal to attack
  2305. >she says ‘if you cum like this you’re going to get it all over your bed’
  2306. >this is true
  2307. >’uh.. what should we do then?’
  2308. >’here’ she leans forward and does a hands and knees crawl towards to head of my bed
  2309. >that perfect ass just stating at me
  2310. >she fluffy my pillow and rolls over onto her back laying down with her knees drawn up, feet kind of hanging a few inches above my blanket
  2311. >’um, cum on me like this, so it gets on me, ok? I can just take a shower but if it gets on the blanket then we have to do laundry. I hate laundry’
  2312. >she is 12 and she has thought this through more then I have
  2313. ‘o..ok’
  2314. >I look down at her pussy
  2315. >it’s ready tuning cherry red and is shiny wet
  2316. >her cunt is spread a little, her labia kind of look like a little butterfly when they’re open
  2317. >im gonna give that butterfly some nector
  2319. >’so, you’re gonna cum here, right?’
  2320. >she reaches down with her hand and places it on the side of her vag and kind of pulls it open a little
  2321. >’is that ok with you?’
  2322. >she gives me her fake ‘hmm’ thinking noise and then smiles and nods
  2323. >I hands and knees crawly over to her and position myself between her legs
  2324. >im on my knees, almost crotch to crotch with her
  2325. >’hand me one of those pillows, will ya’ I ask
  2326. >I have a couple smaller pillows besides my main big one
  2327. >she tosses me one
  2328. >’here, let me just out this..’ I pick her ass up a little and but the pillow under her
  2329. >her pelvis is kind of angled up now, her pussy right at the end of my dick
  2330. >it gives me a butterfly kiss
  2331. >cause remember I said it kind of looked like a butterfly
  2332. >referencing back to my own writing, I’m brilliant
  2333. >she sits up a little and says ‘wait’
  2334. >im not doing anything
  2335. >she looks down and says ‘don’t out it in, ok?’
  2336. >i shake my head
  2337. >’you can cum on me but do NOT put it in, I’m not going to have SEX with my brother’
  2338. >really, but this is acceptable?
  2339. >but rules is rules
  2340. >im actually not trying to fuck her, I just want to bust this nut
  2341. >I but on a mental lab coat and give her a small biology lesson even though I have no idea what I’m talking about
  2342. >’yea, no, I won’t. if my cum gets all the way in, like to the back of the inside of you, they’ll make it to your ovaries and you might get pregnant’
  2343. >shes just got that uh huh go on look
  2344. >I grab my dick and press the head against her lips
  2345. >’but if I cum here, it should be ok’
  2346. >awful big ‘should’
  2347. >she nods and lays her head back down and says ‘ok’
  2348. >suddenly sticks it back up
  2349. >’but DON’T put it in’
  2350. >she takes off her glasses and lays back down
  2352. >I take my dick firmly in my hand
  2353. >I have my rules, now it’s time to play ball
  2354. >I press the head against her and rub it from side to side, smearing precum everywhere without a second thought
  2355. >I start stroking it from bottom shaft
  2356. >rubbing the head between her lips with each stroke
  2357. >but never putting it in
  2358. >that’s against the rules
  2359. >im really getting into things
  2360. >im not stroking at mach speed, just that normal everyday wank speed
  2361. >because I’m just want to wank
  2362. >onto my sister
  2363. >and she is helping me do it
  2364. >seems like she isn’t content just to lay there
  2365. >so she starts rocking her pelvis a little
  2366. >not much, but enough
  2367. >she had me so close to being done, it doesn’t take me long to get back to that point
  2368. >I mean over her and use my free hand to hold myself up
  2369. >it’s my left hands cause I’m a right hand wanker
  2370. >it’s looking down at my sister body
  2371. >shes laying there, eyes closed, moving ever so slightly
  2372. >I look down and see my dick rubbing up and down here slit
  2373. >this is it, I’m gonna blow
  2374. >right when I go for the lsst stroke, she picks her hips up off the pillow
  2375. >she goes ‘uhn’
  2376. >I go ‘uhn’
  2377. >I can’t pull away quick enough and I shoot my first shot right as the head of my dick is at the bottom of the stroke
  2378. >right over where it shouldn’t be over
  2379. >pull up pull up pull up
  2380. >II pull my ass in to angle my dick higher
  2381. >three more spurts
  2382. >it’s not nearly as explosive as the last time so it all just kind of lands on her cost
  2383. >second to last short drips all over her little pub shrub
  2384. >im spend
  2385. >time to see how much damage I did
  2387. >I slowly lean back so that I’m sitting on my knees looking down at her
  2388. >must have been pretty good for her too because she’s breathing hard
  2389. >my eyes slowly wander from her steadily heaving chest
  2390. >down back her flat abs
  2391. >past her navel
  2392. >she really sunk my battleship
  2393. >I stop at her bush
  2394. >her little curly red pubes have a big dollop of thick white cream staked across them
  2395. >I would make some sort of strawberries and cream joke but I can’t think of one
  2396. >I guess I just did
  2397. >I swallow
  2398. >look down a little more
  2399. >yup
  2400. >I didn’t just give the butterfly a drink
  2401. >I dawned the poor thing
  2402. >there’s a big, think, monster size back on cum right between her lips, just beneath the butterflys wings
  2403. >right over vag
  2404. >thank god it didn’t get IN and it’s starting to seep down
  2405. >one shot landed between her left thigh and her mound
  2406. >the other was is draped over where her clit is hiding
  2407. >damn, collateral damage, I’m glad is wasn’t any close
  2408. >her labored breathing is making her pussy sort of flex
  2409. >I’ve never seen such a thing before
  2410. >my gf doesn’t really let me just look at her like this
  2411. >my gf is a bitch
  2412. >luckily for us all, it’s pushing my load away, and it’s starts to slowly run down toward the crack of her ass
  2413. >she begins to stir, grabs her glasses and pushes herself up
  2414. >shes looking down at the mess I made
  2415. >has her lip curled
  2416. >’ew, that is so gross’
  2417. >she looks up at me and smiles ‘but in a good way’
  2418. >I smile back
  2419. >’yea, in a good way’
  2421. >shes looking down at herself again
  2422. >’this is so.. nasty’
  2423. >nasty is one word for it
  2424. >she reach down and catches two fingers under the big cum slug crawling away from her pussy
  2425. >she scoops that mother fucker up and shoves it right up her twat
  2426. >she only goes as deep as her first knuckles but still
  2427. >’ewewew’
  2428. >when she pulls her fingers out, aside from being a little wet they’re completely empty
  2429. >she looks up at me with HER look
  2430. >I don’t even have to say anything, my expression says it all
  2431. >’what? You said it wasn’t that bad if only a little got in me..’
  2432. >she looks down and scoops up the shot by her thigh on her fingers
  2433. >and promptly sticks it in, pulling her fingers against the side as she pulls them out to make sure she gets it all in there
  2434. >m dick would literally be doing cartwheels if it could
  2435. >shes still kind of fingering at herself, making sure she got it all
  2436. >’and as long as it doesn’t go ALL way in, right? I think it’s still pretty close to the-‘
  2437. >she slides her two fingers in all the way to the edge of her hand
  2438. >I can tell she’s moving her fingers around by the way the tendons on the top of her hand are dancing
  2439. >’oops’ fakest oops I have ever heard ‘it’s really in there now’
  2440. >she finally pulls her fingers out, wiping them ‘clean’ on her own pussy
  2441. >’besides, it makes a lot less mess when it’s in me’
  2442. >I finally speak ‘yea, but it’s still bad’
  2443. >she looks right at me and says ‘cumming on your own sister is bad’
  2444. >then crinkle grins
  2445. >my dick is still so fucking hard
  2446. >she reaches over and grabs it, smearing her juices, my juices, everyone’s juices down my shaft
  2447. >’you’re still so hard, do you think.. you think maybe you could come again?’
  2448. >I know I can
  2449. >I nod
  2450. >she smiles and does a little palm clap
  2451. >but just as I’m grabbing my cock, we hear a noise
  2452. >garage door is opening
  2453. >my bedroom is in the attic above the garage
  2454. >fuck they’re home
  2456. >she crawls her naked ass over to the window that my window unit is it
  2457. >right by my bed for maximum coldness
  2458. >winter is coming every night because I like my room cold as fuck
  2459. >she sees our family minivan pulling in the driveway and moans
  2460. >not a sexy moan a disappointed at life kind of moan
  2461. >she looks back over at me and says ‘do you think we can still-‘
  2462. >bitch are you insane? ‘no’
  2463. >pouty face ‘are you sure?’
  2464. >’yes’
  2465. >she sighs
  2466. >grabs her tshirt and pulls it down over her body
  2467. >didn’t have anything else on anyway
  2468. >she knee walks towards me and says ‘thanks, I had fun’
  2469. >’me too’ I say as she opens her arms for a hug
  2470. >sure why not I like hugs
  2471. >give her a big one, squeeze too hard on purpose
  2472. >im sitting back on my knees with my hard on still out
  2473. >shes straddling my lap area with her pantiless crotch
  2474. >she knew what she was doing
  2475. >I feel her pushing that wet pussy against my dick
  2476. >god damnit I want to but no
  2477. >we hear the sound of the van in the garage underneath us
  2478. >but I want to
  2479. >I slide my hand down her back and under her shirt placing it on the small of her back
  2480. >I pull her in tight, feeling the cunt slide across my rod
  2481. ‘oh, column..’
  2482. >sexy voice
  2483. >she used sexy voice
  2484. >even as I reach down lower and slide my hand under her ass I whisper ‘no’
  2485. >’maybe..later?’
  2486. >still no
  2487. >she leans back enough to look me in the eyes and asks with a saddest of puppy faces
  2488. >’why not?’
  2490. >it’s not like I WANT to stop
  2491. >hell I want to lay her down again and cum on her until I can’t see her anymore
  2492. >that’s a lot of cum
  2493. >I could do it though
  2494. >but my last bit of rational brain says no
  2495. >and I have to tell her no
  2496. >I have my hand under my dick which is nestled snugly right under her coochy
  2497. >I whisper ‘because, if we do anything else today..’
  2498. >I push the head of my dick in her, fuck the rules, it doesn’t hurt unless it’s ALL the way in, right?
  2499. >she gasps and clenched her knees against my legs
  2500. >I look her right in the eyes and says plain as day, no whispering ‘I’m going to fuck you’
  2501. >shes looking at me
  2502. >brown eyes are so big
  2503. >darting back and forth from each of my eyes
  2504. >she can tell I’m serious
  2505. >im so serious I’m only a sliver of self control away from fucking her now
  2506. >my dick is slowly going in her more
  2507. >no maybe, no I’m no sure, her twat is so wet it’s just sinking in
  2508. >she gets the point and nods
  2509. >she finally gets up
  2510. >a drop of my cum drips out of her and lands on my dick
  2511. >fuck fuck fuck
  2512. >calm down, don’t rape your own sister
  2513. >she slowly nods again and says ‘o..ok column’
  2514. She pulls her long tshirt down and straighter her glasses before stepping off my bed
  2515. >she takes two slow steps then sort of skip – walks to my door
  2516. >she stops short, turns around and looks at me
  2517. >she smiles
  2518. >real smile, not a crinkle, not a silly face
  2519. >just the real smiles of a happy girl
  2520. >’thanks, column’
  2521. >I wave
  2522. >she laughs and heads down the stairs
  2523. >I exhale a huuuge breath I was holding in the entire time
  2524. >what’s wrong with me?
  2525. >I can’t figure it out so I lay down and wank
  2527. >hours pass
  2528. >I don’t leave my room
  2529. >I don’t leave my bed
  2530. >I’ve can hear everyone downstairs going on about their day like normal
  2531. >my day has been anything but normal
  2532. >it wasn’t too long ago that I almost had sex with my sister
  2533. >and I don’t feel bad about it
  2534. >I mean, I kind of feel bad that I don’t feel bad
  2535. >but I totally don’t regret it
  2536. >it was good
  2537. >im laying on my bed with my hands under my head
  2538. >it’s probably close to 7 in the afternoon or later
  2539. >I don’t know, I don’t care
  2540. >im just laying here thinking about that amazing way my little sister rode my dick earlier
  2541. >im trying NOT to think about it
  2542. >but I’m thinking about it
  2543. >and I’m not the only one
  2544. >’column?’
  2545. >I turn my head to see her standing half in my doorway
  2546. >at least she’s actually wearing cloths, even if it’s just another pair of booty body and a sting top tank
  2547. >we’re both silent for a minute
  2548. >’can i.. come in?’
  2549. >in roll my head back over, staring at the ceiling
  2550. >’I’ve never stopped you before, why start now?’
  2551. >’oh, I just thought, because-‘
  2552. >’are you going to come in or not?’
  2553. >she doesn’t hesitate
  2554. >she hops through the door and shuts it behind her
  2555. >I wonder what she wants this time?
  2556. >she puts her hands behind her back and casually strolls over to my bed
  2557. >im sort of watching her out of the corner of my eyes
  2558. >she makes her way over to my bed, lays down, and snuggles up to me
  2559. >snuggles up to me
  2560. >now what?
  2562. >shes laying on my bed backed up to me
  2563. >her head is snuggled in the crook under my arm
  2564. >shes not rubbing her ass or doing anything sexual
  2565. >shes just laying there
  2566. >this behavior would have been normal a week or so ago but after the last few days it actually has me a little worried
  2567. >I ask her if she’s ok
  2568. >she nods, facing away from me still
  2569. >im not sure I entirely believe her
  2570. >I roll over onto my aide so that I’m facing towards her, have my head propped on on my hand with my elbow resting on the mattress
  2571. >shes just laying there
  2572. >’you’re not gonna try to get me worked up again, are you?’
  2573. >’if I do, are you still going to..’
  2574. >she pauses for a second so I finish for her ‘fuck you?’
  2575. >she looks back over her shoulder at me for a second then lays her head back down and nods
  2576. >it’s kind of weird seeing her acting like.. like normal again
  2577. >I feel a twinge of regret
  2578. >’I was just really worked up, I didn’t really mean it’
  2579. >’oh yes you did’
  2580. >she twists her torso so that her bottom is still turned towards me but her upper half is laying flat on the mattress
  2581. >shes looking at me with those brown doe eyes
  2582. >shes not being all giddy or giggly
  2583. >shes actually being very serious
  2584. >’you were going to do it you TRIED to do it, you were going to put your thing inside me’
  2585. >I don’t say anything
  2586. >I can’t really deny it because she’s right
  2587. >if she hadn’t have moved with she did I would have wound up balls deep in her and I doubt we would have stopped until either we were both too tired too move or we got caught
  2588. >she blinks and me and pushes herself up on her elbows ‘you CAN’T put it in me, column, you’re my brother’
  2589. >now I cut her a look like she’s out of her mind
  2590. >’so I can look at you, I can touch you, I can even cum on you, but I can’t fuck you? That doesn’t make any sense’
  2591. >she looks at me like I’m special or something
  2592. >’it makes perfect sense. We can’t have sex because we’re brother and sister’
  2594. >she says this like it should be common sense
  2595. >after the at few days, I’m not about anything anymore
  2596. >but this is my little sister
  2597. >and I don’t want to do anything to hurt her
  2598. >im just really confused
  2599. >but I nod ‘ok, I get it’
  2600. >she looks all serious ‘do you?’
  2601. >nodding enthusiastically ‘yea, I do. I can’t fuck my sister. I get it. But.. what about all that other stuff?’
  2602. >she sighs heavily and rolls back over away from me again
  2603. >pulls one of my smaller pillows over under her head
  2604. >she shrugs and after a short pause says ‘I don’t know. as long as it’s not sex, I guess it’s ok’
  2605. >I chuckle a little
  2606. >she asks me what’s so funny
  2607. >’so, I CAN look at you, I CAN touch you, and I CAN cum on you?’
  2608. >’yea..’ and after a short pause she adds ‘if you still want to’
  2609. >I smile
  2610. >’I don’t want to now’
  2611. >she sort of shrinks a little
  2612. >im starting to figure things out
  2613. >still a bat shit crazy level situation
  2614. >but as long as I’m not taking things too far
  2615. >if she’s ok with it I’m ok with it
  2616. >that’s my logic
  2617. >I reach down and pinch her ass
  2618. >she squeaks and almost jumps up
  2619. >when she turns around and looks at me I say ‘but maybe later’
  2620. >shes looks puzzled at first
  2621. >then smiles
  2622. >she gives me HER smile
  2623. >’how about now?’
  2624. >I lean in real close
  2625. >almost face to face
  2626. >she suddenly looks nervous
  2627. >I lay my hand on her shoulder
  2628. >I can tell she stopped breathing
  2629. >I suddenly push her real hand and she falls off my bed
  2630. >’no, if we do anything else today, I’m going to fuck you, remember?’
  2632. >she lays back on my floor and says a very half-hearted ‘on no, anything but tha~at’
  2633. >she got her knees bent and apart
  2634. >loose short shorts up her thigh
  2635. >no panties, I can see one of her lips up her shorts
  2636. >sigh
  2637. >she pushes herself up and sits Indian legged while I scoot over to the side of my bed and sit up with my legs over the side
  2638. >’you missed dinner’
  2639. >I shrug ‘I wasn’t hungry’
  2640. >lies, actually I am hungry
  2641. >’yea, but guess what we had’
  2642. >im a little curious, what could they have for dinner that has her so excited?
  2643. >so I bite ‘what?’
  2644. >she grins like a fool and says ‘hotdogs!’
  2645. >I give her a skeptical look ‘seriously?’
  2646. >she nods and crinkle her nose ‘boiled!’
  2647. >we both have a laugh
  2648. >afterwards, she starts to ask ‘column, can we-‘
  2649. >not again today, ok?’
  2650. >she slaps my knee ‘I wasn’t going to say that! I was going to ask if you wanted to play something.’
  2651. >oh
  2652. >now I’M the one with sextime on the mind
  2653. >’oh, yea, sure, what did you want to play?’
  2654. >so that’s how our evening went
  2655. >we just gamed, no bets, no touching
  2656. >about an hour later mom calls down for sister to come down and get read for bed
  2657. >she gets up, she was sitting on the floor, and hugs me around my neck
  2658. >I one hand hug her back, game controller in my other hand
  2659. >I slide my hand down her back, slip it under the edge of her shorts and squeeze a handful of ass
  2660. >it’s so soft
  2661. >she jumps up
  2662. >mom calls again and adds ‘and I mean now’
  2663. >I pay her on the bottom and say ‘guess it’s bedtime’
  2664. >she sticks her tongue at out me and makes for the door
  2665. >she turns one last time before she leaves and says ‘goonight’
  2666. >’goodnight!’
  2667. >’I’ll see you soon’ and then she’s gone down there stairs
  2669. >I play vidya single player mode for a while
  2670. >play some dot hack
  2671. >play some Soul Caliber 2 on the ps2
  2672. >I want to brush up on my Maxi skills bug he’s such a fag
  2673. >probably ass bangs himself with his nunchakus
  2674. >but its Saturday night and we have church in the morning
  2675. >so eventually I shut down and go take a shower
  2676. >I have my own bathroom with a stand in shower all to myself upstairs
  2677. >it’s sweet because since it’s in the attic so close to the water heater, I get priority on hot water access
  2678. >sometimes I’ll run my shower when someone is bathing downstairs
  2679. >im an ass hole
  2680. >scrub scrub scrub
  2681. >wash and condition my hair
  2682. >washing my boys
  2683. >ok not really washing my boys and yanking it
  2684. >guess what I’m thinking about?
  2685. >yea, my sister
  2686. >because I almost fucked her
  2687. >I blow my load, making sure not to get too much on my hands
  2688. >sperm on the shower has a weird consistency and tends to not want to wash off
  2689. >m spent shells go spiraling down the drain as I turn off the water
  2690. >dry off, brush teeth, put on boxers and go to bed
  2691. >it’s been a long day
  2692. >it’s going to have so much to ask Jesus to forgive me to narrow
  2693. >they say every time you sin it’s like taking a swing at one of the nails thay held Jesus on the cross
  2694. >at the rate I’m sinning, I’m going to need a new hammer soon
  2695. >but I still don’t feel guiltt
  2696. >turn my ac down to balls frozen off degrees and get under the sheets
  2697. >go to sleep so sound and so easily
  2698. >but I don’t say asleep long
  2699. >im a light sleeper
  2700. >my spidy senses are tingling
  2701. >must be a wincest thread
  2702. >half opened eyes sees something moving by my bed
  2703. >oh god I hope it’s not shrek
  2705. >’column?’
  2706. >why are you whispering, you idiot?
  2707. >you only whisper if you don’t want to be heard
  2708. >you’re obviously trying to make sure I’m awake
  2709. >speak up
  2710. >’column..?’
  2711. >nope still too quiet
  2712. >’what?’
  2713. >be very loud
  2714. >she gasps
  2715. >I sit up in bed
  2716. >’sis, no, I said-‘
  2717. >but she stops me ‘it’s after midnight’
  2718. >and we’re gonna let it all hang out
  2719. >lol
  2720. >no shit it’s after midnight, and I was asleep
  2721. >’what?’
  2722. >she inches closer, still whispering
  2723. >’so it’s tomorrow!’
  2724. >she lifts up my blanket and slides under my covers
  2725. >she snuggles up against me and pulls the blanket back over us
  2726. >’it’s s cold in here!’
  2727. >she puts her hands on my chest, no shirt on, and I lazily wrap an arm around her
  2728. >she still whispering ‘you said if we did anything yesterday, then.. but anyways it twelve o’five, so it’s tomorrow!’
  2729. >she traces her hand down my body and starts playing with my elastic band around my waist
  2730. >whispers ‘come ooon’
  2731. >oh my god she is so literal
  2732. >shes also a smart cookie
  2733. >oh well what the fuck
  2734. >’ok, sis’
  2735. >I run my hand down her back
  2736. >under the edge of her shirt
  2737. >no panties
  2738. >she giggles and says ‘I knew I wouldn’t need any tonight’
  2739. >my dick is already hard
  2741. >I massage her ass softly
  2742. >so amazing, her ass is soft and firm at the same time
  2743. >shes only 12 why does she have this?
  2744. >im an ass guy
  2745. >im get my other arm under her, then around her, and grab her other cheek
  2746. >one of her hand is still on my chest, the other one is playing with my boxers
  2747. >i think she’s trying to free the d
  2748. >I tell her to take off her shirt
  2749. >’are you sure?’
  2750. >’yea just do it’
  2751. >she nods in the dark and starts pulling her shirt up
  2752. >I let go of that ass for a second and real slick pull my boxers down, kicking them off under my sheets
  2753. >she gets her shirt off, drops it off the side of the bed, and goes to snuggle again
  2754. >surprise!
  2755. >’column, you’re naked!’
  2756. >my dick is pressed up to her waist
  2757. >I immediate wrap my arms around her and go for that ass again, pulling her close
  2758. >she puts her hands on my shoulders, has her chest pressed all against me
  2759. >were not wye to eye, her eyes are about on level with my chin
  2760. >her tits are small but they’re soft
  2761. >she lays her for head on my should and coos
  2762. >I want to throw her some breadcrumbs
  2763. >another pigeon reference
  2764. >instead I pull her ass cheeks apart and squeeze them back together again
  2765. >I whisper in her ear ‘you have got an amazing fucking ass’
  2766. >she just mhmms
  2767. >time to change things up a bit
  2768. >I run my left hand, the one under her, back up her back, up to her hair
  2769. >in always thought her curls were cute
  2770. >never thought I’d be running my fingers through then
  2771. >I work my right hand down here ass, between cheeks and the back of her thighs
  2772. >shes so short and so far down that I can just barely reach her vag
  2773. >barely
  2774. >but I can
  2775. >I give it a soft poke and she gasps
  2776. >here we go again..
  2778. >we lay there, one hand stroking her hair, the other gently rubbing her cooch
  2779. >my dick is mashed up against her waist just below her belly button
  2780. >sudden realization that this is the first time I’ve been completely naked with her
  2781. >don’t care, she’s so soft
  2782. >she starts getting into it
  2783. >moving her hips nice and slow
  2784. >this is nice
  2785. >we carry on for a few minutes just like this
  2786. >eventually she turns to me and whispers right in my ear ‘more’
  2787. >alright then
  2788. >I grabs her under her knee and pull her up some
  2789. >she wraps the leg in lifted around me
  2790. >I pulled her up high enough that were eye to eye now, our foreheads are touching
  2791. >better access to her pussy too
  2792. >shes berthing so heavy ready
  2793. >fucking nymph
  2794. >I love it
  2795. >im not so much playing with her hair anymore as I am grabbing it
  2796. >not pulling on it, just holding her head firm
  2797. >reach back around with my free hand
  2798. >my hard cock is between her thighs
  2799. >I do this cool move with I wrap my bottom three fingers around the shaft of my dick and slide my index finger in my sister slick cunt
  2800. >shes still humping at me slow
  2801. >im fingering her and stroking my cock at the same time
  2802. >im also rubbing it on her pussy but I’m keeping it out with my hand
  2803. >not gonna break the rules
  2804. >it’s a sweet ass move though, I’ve never done this with my gf
  2805. >a he must like it as well because she’s just going ‘oh, oh, oh..’
  2806. >I unwrap my middle finger from around my dick and try to slide it in her
  2807. >her whole body gets tense and she grabs at my shoulders tightly as my two fingers only make it in as deep as the first knuckle
  2808. >I don’t push anymore, she obviously uncomfortable
  2809. >I pull big bird out and wrap it back about my peen
  2810. >she exhales and whispers ‘thanks’
  2812. >now I’m back to just pointing at her cervix
  2813. >all other fingers on standby around my dick
  2814. >I kind of laugh quietly
  2815. >’what’s so funny’ she whispers as she pulls her head back
  2816. >’nothing’
  2817. >shes still rocking her hips against my hand and cock as she asks me to tell her
  2818. >I say ‘ I was just thinking, if you can’t take two fingers, it’s going to be awful hard to take my dick’
  2819. >I can see the moonlight coming through my window by the bed reflecting in her big brown eyes
  2820. >I only just notice she isnt wearing her glasses
  2821. >’column, you said you weren’t going to-‘
  2822. >I slide my finger out of her and position my dick over her opening
  2823. >im guiding it with my other three fingers
  2824. >I run the head of my cock between her pouty lips
  2825. >she closes her eyes and exhales a very non whispered ‘OOOH’
  2826. >I put my fingers under the head of my cock and push
  2827. >her pussy is a lot more accepting then I thought it’d be and the tip goes in
  2828. >just deep enough that the ridge of my head goes past her labia
  2829. >I still have my finger wrapped around my shaft just below the head to keep any real sex from happening
  2830. >im not going to break the rules
  2831. >but I’d sure going to bend the fuck out of them
  2832. >she takes one deep breath broken up into three parts
  2833. >she bites her bottom lip and starts keeping rhythm with her hips again
  2834. >im still holding my dick so she can’t push it in any farther
  2835. >but she’s working that pussy all over the top
  2836. >shes getting hot
  2837. >she wraps her arms around my neck and leans her head forward, resting her head on my chin
  2838. >shes moving faster, breathing harder
  2839. >I let go of her hand and grab her ass cheek again
  2840. >she gasps and thrusts harder
  2841. >if it weren’t for my other hand holding my dick, we would be legit fucking right now
  2842. >god damn rules
  2843. >rules or no rules I’m getting close
  2844. >shes getting close
  2845. >oh fuck she’s about to cum
  2847. >im pushing on her ass while she moves
  2848. >shes panting
  2849. >I give her cheek a good firm squeeze
  2850. >straw
  2851. >camels back
  2852. >broken
  2853. >she throws her head back and squeeze
  2854. >her cunt is trying to take all the dick it can get but I’m not letting her have it
  2855. >her whole body shakes for a second
  2856. >she just came all the tip of my dick
  2857. >sure didn’t take much
  2858. >being this new
  2859. >im fondly her cheek
  2860. >feels safe enough now so I let go of my cock and grab her other cheek
  2861. >give them a squeeze and tell her she’s so sexy
  2862. >she giggles, but shakes her head and says ‘no I’m not’
  2863. >I nod and say ‘yes you are’
  2864. >I push my hips the tiniest bit and say ‘my dick thinks you’re sexy, and he’s a pretty good judge’
  2865. >she does a quick inhale and tightens her leg around my waste but says ‘column!’
  2866. >I whisper ‘I just wanted to see if it’d fit’
  2867. >she lays her head forward again, kind of gets her hair all in my gave this time, and says ‘column, please don’t..’
  2868. >shes saying that with her words, but I can tell she really wants to push her hips down
  2869. >with my hands on her ass, I can feel her trembling
  2870. >hot as fuck
  2871. >but I remind myself she’s new to this
  2872. >and young
  2873. >no self control
  2874. >I have to be the one to keeps things from going to far
  2875. >I’ll keep things from going TOO far..
  2876. >but that doesn’t mean we have to stop yet
  2877. >were still not fucking
  2878. >im holding her shaking ass as I start to roll my hips
  2879. >im not really humping
  2880. >im not really fucking
  2881. >im keep telling myself that
  2883. >shes making this quick little breaths
  2884. >like reverse hick ups
  2885. >her head is still down, her arms still around my neck
  2886. >im still not fucking her
  2887. >my dick isn’t going in and out
  2888. >it’s just kind of moving around right where it is
  2889. >he’s just standing in the front doorway without actually walking it
  2890. >but he definitely has his feet on the threshold
  2891. >admiring the accommodations
  2892. >deciding if he wants to move in or not
  2893. >seems like a nice piece of real estate
  2894. >it’s a pretty new house
  2895. >no previous owners
  2896. >no structural damages
  2897. >kind of small though
  2898. >but he could make it work
  2899. >and he really wants to see more
  2900. >he REALLY wants to see more..
  2901. >and she wants to give me the grand tour
  2902. >nope nope nope
  2903. >I reach around her ass real quick as I feel her bearing down
  2904. >grab him just in time to keep her from inpaling herself on me
  2905. >she managed to catch about another inch though
  2906. >oh shit
  2907. >he made to the foyer
  2908. >he really wants to set down his luggage
  2909. >mister bates calls for one of the bell boys
  2910. >wait, no
  2911. >shit
  2912. >fuck
  2913. >I feel like I’m about to cum
  2914. >so is she
  2915. >again?
  2916. >she lifts her head and presses her forehead against mine
  2917. >’oh god, column, column..’
  2918. >deep breath
  2919. >’COLUMN!-
  2921. >her eyes pop open
  2922. >they’re only an inch away from mine
  2923. >I have this awkward urge to kiss her
  2924. >but I don’t
  2925. >I pull my hips back, still holding my dick
  2926. >I feel the head clearing her lips
  2927. >just in time because I’m spraying sperm everywhere
  2928. >thankfully I wanked in the shower earlier so it’s not an extremely forceful orgasm
  2929. >shes looking into my eyes without blinking
  2930. >I can feel the last shots of my jizz on my fingers
  2931. >quietly say ‘that was close’
  2932. >she nods
  2933. >I can feel her breath on my lips
  2934. >I’m sure she can feel mine as well
  2935. >I let my penis go and lay it on her leg
  2936. >run my fingers up her in thigh and I pull her close with my hand on her ass
  2937. >I brush my fingers across her cunt
  2938. >it’s soaking wet and sticky
  2939. >it’s knew I didn’t pull away fast enough
  2940. >I drag my fingers across her pussy, trying to pull the cum away from her cunt back towards her ass hole
  2941. >on the second wipe, she pushed down just right and my fingers slide right in
  2942. >fingers plural
  2943. >shes so wet that they both slipped in without a bit of trouble
  2944. >she closes her eyes and purses her lips and goes ‘mmmm’ as my fingers works their way in her as far as they can go
  2945. >I feel my fingertips brushing against a firm round lump in the very back of her cunt
  2946. >I don’t know at the time but it’s her cervix
  2947. >all I know is that when I touch it she jerk
  2948. >she nearly comes out of my arms and exclaims ‘column!’
  2949. >I can tell I did something good so I keep at it
  2950. >I slide my fingers in and out
  2951. >each time I go in I brush against her cervix and her gasps
  2952. >I can tell she’s struggling to gold back
  2953. >I run my fingers around the knob a few more times and she looses it
  2955. >the walls of her vagina clamp down on my fingers, she pulls her leg from around my side and straightens them both out
  2956. >this makes it impossible for me to keep my hand in place so I pull it out and put it on her waist
  2957. >shes so stiff and twitching around every second or two
  2958. >after what seems like forever, she finally stop seizing
  2959. >her breath is so loud and heavy
  2960. >she tightens her arms around my neck and presses her cheek against my check
  2961. >I ask her if she’s ok
  2962. >’yea’ she answers between breaths ‘never been better’
  2963. >grab her ass again and say ‘have I told you’re sexy?’
  2964. >she giggles and says ‘you may or may or may not have mentioned it’
  2965. >’ah, well it may or may not be true’
  2966. >she just kind of shrugs
  2967. >ooh, idea
  2968. >’well maybe I should check’
  2969. >I peel my hands off that amazing ass and throw the sheets back
  2970. >ac is turned down as low as it can go
  2971. >it’s colder then beyond the wall
  2972. >white walkers are probably chilling in my room somewhere
  2973. >her warm skin id assaulted by the cold air and she starts flailing in a wild attempt to grab the covers
  2974. >but I deny her
  2975. >she is exposed in all her glory
  2976. >there’s a mostly full moon outside shining through the window by my bed so there is just enough like for me to see her
  2977. >her naked body
  2978. >shes so proportional for her age
  2979. >her legs aren’t too long and not too skinny
  2980. >she has great thighs are lead up to that ass
  2981. >rounds hips and a slim waist
  2982. >flab stomach and barely present little breasts with two perky little pinks gum drops for nipple
  2983. >she has a very defined jaw and nice cheekbones, I always thought it made her looks a lot more grown up then all the other soft faced girls her age
  2984. >her teeth aren’t the straightest, but they’re not really bad either
  2985. >she could have used braces but our mom was a cheap ass bitch and wouldn’t get her any
  2986. >freckles dusted across her nose, and those big brown eyes
  2987. >her curled hair is a mess on the bed beneath her
  2988. >my sister isn’t just sexy
  2989. >she absolutely beautiful
  2991. >shes laying there naked and panting
  2992. >’at least turn off your air, it’s cold in here’
  2993. >push the power button on my window until it stops
  2994. >’thanks’ she says as she lays back across my bed ‘I was freezing my butt off’
  2995. >’I think your butt is doing fine’ I tell her ‘but I’ll check for you’
  2996. >I grab her by her waist and roll her over
  2997. >I get on my knees and knee walk my way behind her
  2998. >she crosses her hands over each other in front of her and lays her chin on them, lazily swinging her feet in the air as I stare at her posterior
  2999. >derriere
  3000. >budonkadonk
  3001. >ass
  3002. >it doesn’t matter what you call it, it looks fantastic
  3003. >I edge my way forward a little and move her feet to either side of me
  3004. >she giggles and stretches her legs back, wrapping her ankles around me under my arms
  3005. >I don’t mind
  3006. >I reach down and grab a handful of each ass cheek
  3007. >sort of start kneading them for lack of a better term
  3008. >hell yea I’m gonna make ass biscuits
  3009. >im massaging her butt as she lays there
  3010. >she has the fainted little layer of peach fuzz on her add cheeks
  3011. >don’t know why but always found that sexy
  3012. >decide that for the remainder of this story I’m going to call her Candy because I can’t keep referring to her as ‘sis’ and because that ass is so fucking sweet
  3013. >I use my thumbs to spread her cheeks a little
  3014. >my cum is all over the inside of her ass cheeks and upper thighs
  3015. >her pussy looks better than I expected at this angle
  3016. >her puffy mound almost covers her little pussy lips but there’s just enough that she doesn’t have that baby cunt look
  3017. >shes twelve after all, it’s not like she’s a little girl anymore
  3018. >I spread her cheeks a little more and find myself stating into her all seeing eye
  3019. >is this how Merry felt when he touched the seeing stone in the Lord of the Rings?
  3020. >luckily, she clenches and her ass cheeks close before Sauran learns where the one ring is
  3021. >’how does everything look?’
  3022. >’it looks fine to me’ I answer
  3023. >’yea, I bet,’ she replies sarcastically
  3025. >by now my dick has had plenty of time to reload
  3026. >I grab my cock with one hand and run my other over her ass one more time
  3027. >Candy looks back over her shoulder as I start rubbing her cunt
  3028. >it’s weird using a name for her after not using one for so long but oh well
  3029. >’are you still hard?’
  3030. >’yea’
  3031. >she giggles ‘are you going to jack off again?’
  3032. >no, I’m going to out my cloths back on and go to bed, what do you think?
  3033. >’yea’
  3034. >she props herself up on her elbows and pushes her chest up and asks ‘wow, does my butt really make you hard?’
  3035. >I nod ‘oh yea’
  3036. >im already starting to rub my chub
  3037. >’column’ she speaks in a very matter of fact voice, ‘butts are just muscles that move turds you know’
  3038. >I kind of half shrug, half nod, still playing with my dick and her pussy
  3039. >shes started moving her hips a little, like she’s trying to hump my mattress
  3040. >’well you have a very sexy turd mover’
  3041. >she breaks out into a laughs and ends up turning around and burying her face into my mattress
  3042. >I bury my finger in her cunt
  3043. >candy takes a deep breath and moans, kind of muffled into my bed
  3044. >’oh, yea, I really like that ass,’ I say with more emphasis as I really give it to her
  3045. >I basically go from zero to sixty with my finger in two strokes, I’m pumping my dick with my other hand just as fast
  3046. >she’s trying to keep up with me with her hips
  3047. >put it’s not a race
  3048. >even if it was, she wouldn’t be loosing
  3049. >this would be the part where she’d hit me with a blue shell is she had one
  3050. >but its too late because I can see the finish line
  3051. >hell to the fucking yea
  3052. >I run a second finger in her and she tightens up on me
  3053. >im telling her to relax in my mind but I don’t have time to say it our loud
  3054. >don’t know of she likes it or not but don’t care
  3055. >im trying to keep Candys legs separated with my own while I give her cunt the two fingered salute, but I can feel her trying to close them
  3056. >just a few more seconds, Candy, I’m almost there..
  3058. >Candy moans into my bed and pulls my sheets so hard she pulls them off the corners of my bed
  3059. >damnit, I hate trying to put fitted sheets back on
  3060. >shes really pressing her legs against mine as I pound her pussy with my fingers
  3061. >I can’t tell if she’s enjoying it or if it’s hurting her
  3062. >or both
  3063. >but I sure the hell am
  3064. >I ram my fingers into her one last hard time and lean forward, pressing against her crotch with even more force as I hit my dick with those last few quick strokes you use right before it pops
  3065. >and it does
  3066. >even though I’ve already blown one load recently, I cum with enough force to shoot it into her lower back
  3067. >only the first two shots though, and they’re not all that thick
  3068. >but still
  3069. >damn
  3070. >I have to milk the last few ‘shots’ out of my dick, so I squeeze it out onto her ass
  3071. >just because why not, I squeeze my shaft out one last time as I hood my dick down
  3072. >I drain the last drop of cum out of my balls
  3073. >it’s just a little drop but still
  3074. >I pull my fingers about halfway out of her cunt and catch the little cum droplet on then
  3075. >and promptly slide them back into her
  3076. >shes still trying to hump my hand but not anything like before
  3077. >I was so wrapped up in my own orgasm that I couldn’t tell if she had one or not
  3078. >but based on her whimpers and heavy breathing, I would bet she did
  3079. >im spent, but since I haven’t pulled my hand out of her yet I just play with her for a minute
  3080. >but when I try a little move where I sort of do scissor kicks with my fingers she asks me to stop
  3081. >candy pulls her self forward and slides herself off my sick
  3082. >my fingers look like two pickled carrots
  3083. >don’t care
  3084. >’you ok?’
  3085. >’yea’ she answered and she turns herself around and sits up. I notice she’s moving kind of stiff though ‘you just got kind of rough’
  3086. >’sorry’
  3087. >’it’s ok.. just next time don’t shove your whole hand in me. It hurts’
  3088. >it was just two fingers
  3090. >we sit there for a minute trying to collect ourselves
  3091. >the thermostat on my window unit says sixty eight but we’re both sweating bullets
  3092. >and Candy has cum dribbles all over her back
  3093. >’you can use my shower if you want’
  3094. >she finds her glasses and asks me ‘what?’ as she fits them over her nose
  3095. >’you’re not going to go to bed like that, are you,’ I ask as I run my dry fingers across one of the wet spots on her leg ‘you’ll wake up crusty’
  3096. >’eww’ she scrunches her nose up at the thought
  3097. >’come on, let’s get you cleaned up’
  3098. >I get up and grab her hand, pulling her up behind me
  3099. >I ffish my boxers off my bed and pull them on real quick
  3100. >Candy has already started making her way across my room, so I grabbed her shirt and followed suit
  3101. >it was always a fun game trying to navigate across my room in the dark
  3102. >Candy was waiting for me so I handed her her shirt
  3103. >she didn’t out it on though because she still have my jizz on her back
  3104. >see, I told you she was pretty smart
  3105. >outside my bedroom door was the little ‘upstairs’ foyer the led to my room, my bathroom, the attic, and to downstairs
  3106. >not that I expected anyone to be out there waiting at nearly 1am, but I went out before her just to be on the safe side
  3107. >my bathroom was to the right when coming out of my room
  3108. >nothing too special, I had my own pooper, a sink, and a standing shower
  3109. >but I had the best hot water and water pressure so it was good
  3110. >I turn on the light as we walked in and we both had to squint or go fucking blind
  3111. >my eyes start to adjust to the light and the first thing I really see is her naked body standing in front of me opening my shower door
  3112. >Candy was still a little squint faced but she was still looking my way
  3113. >’are you going to get in too?’
  3114. >’nah, I’ll just wipe off with a wet rag, but you can use it’
  3115. >she says oh in a way that leads me to think she wanted me to, but I’m tired, so no
  3117. >im washing off by the sink as she turns the water on
  3118. >like a damn old married couple or some shit
  3119. >I leave her shirt hanging from the towel rack and dry my hands off on the towel by it
  3120. >as I go for the door I stop and remind her to be careful on the way down
  3121. >I can see her silhouette through the steamy glass door as she washed herself off
  3122. >my dick tries, but he is exhausted
  3123. >come, my friend, we must rest
  3124. >we tell each other good night and I leave her to her shower
  3126. >I went to bed without incident
  3127. >I only for a few hours of sleep because the next day was Sunday and that meant waking up for church
  3128. >that’s right yall little fuckers I’m a religious fag
  3129. >church every Sunday, bible study every Wednesday
  3130. >and I’m still fooling around with my little sister
  3131. >actually she’s an even bigger Jesus but then I am
  3132. >but those kind of girls are always the freakiest I guess
  3133. >anyways
  3134. >I wake up before everyone else like I normally do and drag myself out of bed
  3135. >still tired from the night before
  3136. >well technically it wasn’t that long ago, I guess
  3137. >make my way out of my room and into my bathroom to catch that good early morning shower
  3138. >I stop when I notice Candy’s tshirt is still hanging on the towel rack
  3139. >did she go back downstairs naked?
  3140. >crazy bitch
  3141. >I get my shower, temperature set to extreme super flesh melting levels, wash my hair, shave the faggot ass hipster stubble growing on my face and then scrub my body
  3142. >and then my obligatory shower wank
  3143. >easier then normal because I’m imagining Candy being in here earlier
  3144. >kind of regret not joining her
  3145. >but I have to remember not to take things too far
  3146. She is my little sister after all
  3147. >get done, dry off and dress to impress
  3148. >light colored khaki slacks and a pastel yellow button up shirt over a tshirt
  3149. >I dunno, xmen or avengers or some shit like that
  3150. >I put on my brown leather loafers, but before I leave my room, I also grab a pair of green cargo shorts and some sneakers
  3151. >church only last for so long, and when it’s over unusually head to the mall
  3152. >by the time that I get dressed and make it downstairs, everyone else has gotten up
  3154. >breakfast is pancakes and sausages
  3155. >mother fucking Jimmy dean, baby!
  3156. >dad’s flapping more jacks, mom is fussing at whiny sis and mini bro to get dressed, and Candy id already at the table
  3157. >’good morning’ she says it like she does every Sunday
  3158. >’ain’t it though’ I reply, a bit more enthusiastically then I would on any other day
  3159. >’someone must have slept well last night’ was her reply after taking a assuage
  3160. >lol taking a sausage
  3161. >not yet amirite?
  3162. >’actually. I didn’t get much sleep at all’ I sit down and begin selecting panned cakes ‘maybe I’ve been getting too much sleep lately’
  3163. >candy crinkled her nose ‘maybe’

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