\ GNU/question - /g/pasta 2.4
From qiiv, 5 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. To free or not to free -- That is the GNU/question:
  2. Whether 'tis nobler for the user to suffer
  3. The pulls and commits of outrageous proprietaries
  4. That ent'rprise beckons to thine heart
  5. Or brave the callous of liberty, against
  6. Both sloth, known too well by orisons of hack,
  7. And the betterment of those close to the hand
  8. Who wish, unbeknowestly, of ease and honest
  9. Not fardels of virtue and enemies of
  10. Elusive serendipity. To share, to help
  11. Thine neighbors, and by a hack venture
  12. Out in freedom. To loosen the shackles
  13. Off our systems, it is with our hearts
  14. We see, or truly fail to see
  15. The innards stomachs of enemies.
  16. A duty bears hard on our back: to peal
  17. And pick the sullied flesh from our fore,
  18. Reveal our countenance in each other,
  19. Licenses ever more grease and filth,
  20. Fled from systems, with source the virtue
  21. That calms thine heart. To grunt and toil
  22. Under headers and philosophies, whose
  23. Adherence be slippery, a slip not of grease
  24. but the proud perspiring from bastions in
  25. liberty and morality. Public License -- nay
  26. turn away freedom, his name be industry.
  27. Be all my sins remembered.