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From Quantom, 5 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. Hey [Quantom], it's [Roomate], your future roommate at I[Uni]! I didn't know if you checked yet, but our room assignments are up on access+. We are on third floor Martin, room 2353C, Starbuck South house. For the moment, I am registered as engineering undeclared, but am interested in computer engineering. I am going to be at orientation today (Thursday) and Friday.
  3. I am from [City], the second largest city in [State]. I graduated last Friday from [Highschool near the UNI]. There is probably around 40 students from my high school that will also be attending [Uni]. I played tennis and was in show choir (it is big in [State]) all 4 years of High School. I was Class Treasurer for 3 years. I'm very interested in technology, despite my lack of understanding of the technical aspect behind it (if that makes sense). I have a bad habit of being an Apple Fan. I am the son of two [Same Uni] graduates. I have two sisters, one of which who graduated from [Another Uni] this spring, and the other who graduated from [Another Uni] in December. My Grandpa has a Horticulture building named after him at [My uni]. I am becoming rather interested in photography and quickly learning it is an expensive hobby. I will be shooting my first wedding next week and I am extremely nervous to say the least. On June 10th I will be leaving to backpack across Europe for 5 weeks with my two sisters.
  5. Well that's probably enough about my boring life/all I can think of for now! I should probably go to bed now as I have to wake up in 6 hours and sorry for the lateness of this email! Looking forward to meeting you in person!
  7. [Roomate]
  9. P.S. Here are my relevant social media pages:
  11. Facebook: [Omitted]
  13. Twitter: [Omitted]