\ Ori/g/ins - /g/pasta 2.4
From Sinc, 7 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. <murinon> how did you original admins
  2. <murinon> Actually like meet up
  3. <Sinc> Well
  4. <Sinc> We all met in a bar once
  5. <Sinc> Invited by a cloaked stranger
  6. <murinon> lol
  7. <Sinc> He pulled his hood off
  8. <Sinc> Slammed a Gentoo livecd down on the table
  9. <Sinc> and said "This is what you're gonna do..."
  10. <murinon> 10/10
  11. <Sinc> And that's how we met bfish