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From Crimson Ostrich, 5 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  3.     He actually came out of it fine, but I didn't stick around the hospital because my bf is of questionable legal status and we didn't want him to have a run-in with an officer regarding it. I've taken up to around 30mg orally with 2C-E, and snorted 20mg (seriously, don't do this. I can't think of anything more painful to stick up there), so it's not really 30x the normal dosage, but it was high enough that we were pretty concerned for his safety.
  5.     I got the 2C-E baggie out and sat it on the drug glass, told him to wait because it was REALLY dose-sensitive and I needed to weigh it out. I go in the other room to find the scale, hear "oh FUCK. FUCK ME. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?" and ask if he's ok. I didn't get an answer, yelled louder, and still heard nothing so went back knowing that he probably got into it. He was kicked back on the couch, breathing fine, but wasn't responding to us and was certainly off in his own world. There was residue on the glass for a huge line, and I kind of panicked. We didn't want to have things get worse without him able to tell us he wasn't ok, so off to the hospital we went. It was only a couple of miles away, so we took him in my car. I flagged someone down at the ER and got a stretcher to get him in, and gave them his info and the label off the baggie of 2C-E I had, with the full chemical name, NFHC, etc. They asked how much he took and when, I gave them a timeframe and said he snorted an unknown amount, if I had to guess it was around 70mg.
  7.     They ran off with him, and I know it makes me a fairly bad person, but I bailed before anyone else could flag me down for more info. He said he didn't remember much of it, and what he did remember was confusing as hell. They apparently gave him IV valium to calm him down, kept him hydrated, and let it take its course. He had to stay a few days and they did a psych eval, to see if he was a danger to himself and trying to kill himself or what. He didn't have insurance, so they didn't keep him any longer than they had to.
  9.     He said he had some residual visuals for a week or so, but he quit all drugs after that, and apparently they went away pretty quickly. He now might have a beer when out at a social gathering, but quit smoking weed and hasn't touched anything resembling a psychedelic since. He actually thanked me for taking him to the hospital, and told his parents, who also thanked me. I think he probably would've been fine if left to his own, but we all agreed it wasn't worth the chance.