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  1. addendum: I actually had vitamin water instead of powerade, and I think I might have misconstrued my interpretation of
  2. Jesus of Nazareth's Word. I don't remember what it was.
  4. Hadit, points-of-heart, cracks or contradictions, may all be the same thing or not, creations of reality bindings (or as I like to call them, twick-it-believes tied
  5. around one's finger) might be a dangerous practice. I have not made up my mind what this constitutes and if it is safe to do. My gut tells me yes, Liber Choronzon seems to support it, but I cannot allow myself
  6. to make such a decision without due care. It is possible this may constitute a fragmented consciousness, or the partitioning of my
  7. consciousness into fragments or alters, and this is something I wish to avoid until I know more, am grounded, and know exactly what I
  8. am doing.