\ He's on to me :^) - /g/pasta 2.4
From Sinc, 5 Years ago, written in Plain Text.
  1. <CorsailJames> MechanicalStig: We are always improving our products! :-)
  2. <n00bpcbuilder> ur gonna love mine mani
  3. <manirelli> http://pcpartpicker.com/contact/
  4. <buildapcalien> Title: Contact Us - PCPartPicker (at pcpartpicker.com)
  5. <n00bpcbuilder> is gonna be gud
  6. <seednode> CorsailJames, try :^)
  7. <n00bpcbuilder> like amazing
  8. <manirelli> that mailing address
  9. <seednode> It's the new smiley face
  10. <PlatypusOnFire> CorsailJames: Is there a real reason that corsair fans use a circular frame with sort of "stand-off" feet?
  11. <CorsailJames> That makes my nose look like Pinnochio and hence Im lying :D