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  3. 1.  NulledNets-sup banana entered for shits n giggles
  4. 2.  baudlord-Happy Christmas meng, I just want Dwarfs!, if this has any impact on the possible draw. Or maybe doge. Or a Gentoo Live USB signed by bananafish.
  5. 3.  ajax-hello
  6. 4.  toggaf-blaze it
  7. 5.  Dell-just another one incase my first one didnt make it, bananafish I lubed up the D
  8. 6.  X41-I don't even want any of the games lol. just tell me if i'd have won something
  9. 7.  Jaeger-Gib steem plz
  10. 8.  kira-25 dec blaze it
  11. 9.  AnonBro-niggers tongue my angus
  12. 10.  ThreeTwoThree-Yotsuba needs to install Gentoo
  13. 11.  pictron-Happy Channuka and Gregorian New Year! Install many installations of the Gentoo distribution of GNU/Linux and try to spend a little bit of time with comrades and family
  14. 12.  david-Merry Christmas bitches
  15. 13.  derwaffles-party hard
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  20. How this is going to work:
  21. First place gets asked what they want and then it moves on from there.

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