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[13:40:42] <nodontban> bananafish
[13:40:46] <nodontban> I have something to admit
[13:40:50] <nodontban> rather
[13:40:54] <nodontban> there's something you ought to know
[13:40:57] <nodontban> about me and plebeian
[13:41:06] <talib> nodontban: give it a break
[13:41:06] <TheWa1rus> ...
[13:41:10] <nodontban> >plebeian dared me to email OVH
[13:41:24] <plebeian> fuck off man
[13:41:43] <nodontban> about
[13:41:49] <talib> nodontban: you'll burn all your bridges
[13:41:49] <nodontban> the copyright infringing FTP
[13:42:00] *** Quits: pictron (Gentoo@back.in.the.U.S.S.R) (Ping timeout: 181 s$
[13:42:10] <nodontban> >who needs bridges when you can swim
[13:44:41] <bananafish> and what
[13:44:43] <bananafish> they replied
[13:44:56] <nodontban> yes
[13:45:06] <bananafish> and
[13:45:07] <talib> vSquare: how's it going?
[13:45:33] <TheWa1rus> *Bows*
[13:45:34] <vSquare> Pretty good. Still working on my VPS issues.
[13:45:59] <nodontban> "we'll investigate"
[13:46:00] <nodontban> or something
[13:48:21] <bananafish> nodontban: you need to leave
[13:48:34] <bananafish> Im not okay with you or whatever the fuck you are doing
[13:48:53] <nodontban> okay
[13:48:57] <nodontban> but plebeian told me
[13:49:02] <bananafish> no he didnt
[13:49:04] <plebeian> no i didn;t
[13:49:08] <nodontban> Liar
[13:49:10] <bananafish> please leave
[13:49:12] <bananafish> now
[13:49:12] <nodontban> i demand witnesses
[13:49:15] <nodontban> Whatever
[13:49:17] *** nodontban was kicked by bananafish (bananafish)
[13:49:17] <talib> nodontban: bye
[13:49:21] <bananafish> so help me
[13:49:23] *** Joins: pictron (Gentoo@back.in.the.U.S.S.R)
[13:49:23] <SaintIGNUcius> [pictron] Hello, my comrades! ?^?
[13:49:23] *** SaintIGNUcius sets mode: +o pictron
[13:49:24] <Sinc> I'll gline him
[13:49:27] <Sinc> One moment
[13:49:28] <bananafish> if shit hits the fan over this guy
[13:49:31] <bananafish> he;s on kiwi
[13:49:37] <Sinc> No, I meant his normal host
[13:49:38] <bananafish> gline the nick or something
[13:49:42] <bananafish> k
[13:49:47] <talib> that guy is a serious pain in the ass
[13:49:53] <bananafish> srsly if he fucked with ovh
[13:49:59] <talib> I doubt he did
[13:50:03] <bananafish> hard to say
[13:50:04] <plebeian> nah don't think he did
[13:50:07] <bananafish> an email is cheap and free
[13:50:13] <bananafish> *easy and free



[4:02pm] bananafish: I dont believe you toldh im but what was that about
[4:02pm] plebeian: i think last weekend we were talking about ovh
[4:02pm] plebeian: so i sort of mentioned that my ovh is my seedbox
[4:03pm] plebeian: after that he started saying that ovh is the most pirate-unfriendly server provider out there
[4:03pm] plebeian: and he would email ovh about ig
[4:03pm] bananafish: fuck
[4:03pm] bananafish: you shoulda banned him them
[4:03pm] plebeian: bit later he faked an ovh employee on kiwi and tried to 'scare' us
[4:04pm] plebeian: yeah i should've
[4:04pm] plebeian: my bad
[4:04pm] bananafish: lol 2 rules now I guess
[4:04pm] bananafish: cp
[4:04pm] bananafish: and fucking with our hosts
[4:04pm] plebeian: don't think he actually mentioned anything to ovh
[4:10pm] bananafish: I hope youre are right
[4:10pm] bananafish: I really dont have time to field this shit
[4:10pm] bananafish: did he have an IG mail?
[4:11pm] plebeian: don't think so
[4:11pm] plebeian: i'll check
[4:11pm] plebeian: doesn't look like it
[4:11pm] plebeian: unless johnjames is him
[4:11pm] bananafish: ha yeah I saw
[4:11pm] bananafish: who disabled him
[4:11pm] bananafish: lol
[4:11pm] plebeian: no idea
[4:11pm] plebeian: lel
[4:12pm] bananafish: its kind of stange he did just leave
[4:13pm] bananafish: also idk how he thinks ovh is pirate unfriendly
[4:13pm] bananafish: >3.99 kimsufi
[4:14pm] bananafish: so just to make sure
[4:14pm] bananafish: he claimed to have sent the email a few days ago?
[4:14pm] plebeian: yeah
[4:14pm] plebeian: no proof of him actually having sent it
[4:14pm] plebeian: don't forget the ovh employee impersonation thing
[4:15pm] bananafish: lol
[4:15pm] bananafish: true
[4:15pm] bananafish: also
[4:15pm] bananafish: obviously he is on ban now
[4:16pm] bananafish: do not let him in
[4:16pm] bananafish: and let the other staff know if I dont see them
[4:16pm] plebeian: yeah good call

tl;dr: james is an idiot and should be kicked + banned on sight

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